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easily exploitable by playing it ultra safe forever.

Noa, awesome game.  I enjoyed it, and really have been learning tons from your yt channel.  Keep up the awesome work!

Nice concept, and I really like your art style. Love your videos by the way :)

It's a fun multiplayer game!

Wow, the graphics are awesome! I will definitely check out your yt channel.

I like your graphic style :) Good color choice, good animations... Even the idea of the game is cool too. good work ;)

Thanks for the encouraging feedback :) ! I had great fun animating those dragons (hand drawn frame by frame using Ps), as for the gameplay, I would of liked having the time to add a single player mode where you play against the PC but o well, cool experience all in all !

Wow, will you be making a video about all your games as well?

I'll probably be doing that :) ! Stay tuned !