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Some slow ...But anyway ...Amazing Blackthornprod! (I'm among those 100,000 subscribers by the way)





what happened to liam

where is the body

Space not working, great art though


Great Job!! "THATS CRAZY!"


God damn.......This is really nice man. I'll be honest, your tutorials really helped me a lot and I do hope you go further in life. You definitely deserve it :)

( Sheds a tear at the music....... )

Awwww this is so cute! Congratulations <3


It's to unforgiving, the time available is just to little. Perhaps also explain that the game gets reset to a checkpoint when the timer runs out.

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No, we thank you for being awesome and helping us with all those great tutorials! Congratulations! :)


thany you to ;)

yone orted me
seriously tho congrats


wow an innovative game 

i am also one of your subscriber,a regular viwer

i'm so proud of you buddy <3


wow what a way to celebrate.. congrats NOA


you are welcomed


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Very nice game!


This is such a cute colorful game, it already brighten up my day! Congrats!

Congrats Noa!!! Continue your jurney!! i love the minigame!

Congratz for everything you've acheived so far! Wonderful colors and cool idea ;-)

Congrats! Love the music and colors of your mini-game! Great job!


From someone really old. Great news and keep at it :)


This is cool, I wish you my best in future projects!

Congrats, you're the Best :D

Deleted 2 years ago

i noticed that too lol

WOW, 100k is a lot, keep up the good work. Would like to see some old fashioned tutorials again :) Congrats!!!

Congratulations on 100K! We hope to stay here when you hit 100k more ;)

Congratulations Noa!


Congratulations on 100 k subs! :D Your videos are awesome!


Thank you! for making this game!

Congo Bro...But where is Ludum Dare entry...

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