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for some reason my hero kept turning to the right so it was REALLY hard to aim. also maybe a tiny dot reticle in the middle or something would help with aiming?

loved the video btw - glad it's not a helicopter game lol but there COULD be unlockable helicopter AIs that slowly went around the city helping out with the buildings. the space ships could target those as a priority.

also, the rockets don't fire as often as i think they should






really good game, but it's a bit hard to accuratly hit the enemies it would be better with aim assist


dude its so senitive

uhmm... the mothership stopped attacking me at one point so now im softlocked



1:21 :)

Hey, really cool game, are you planning on developing it further?


this was actually done by a group of youtubers, who developed it without any communication, adding some stuff than passing it on to the next. It would probably be super hard to get them all back into one project again, so there is most likely not going to be more updates.

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The mouse sensitivity is far too high for me, as i cant move the mouse at all or else it is unplayable.

Ya me too

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I think it might be a mouse dpi thing



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I am no hero...


I got stuck at the end, but it seems pretty solid overall :)

yay i destroyed all the buildings

Me too!


lol it's so empty... until you look up and see the buildings outside the border


Another great collaborative effort from Blackthornprod + Friends. A very fun but short experience, controls well and has good replay-ability.  

I got 1:38, if you have any tips or tricks let me know...


Unplayable because of insanely high mouse sensitivity.

I have set my mouse to lowest sensitivity, but still 1mm movement rotates the camera 5 times.

Or at least add an option menu to set the mouse sensitivity.

(I play on Firefox).

Same here, I just barely touch my mouse and the camera spins like crazy. I'm also on Firefox, I don't know if it still happens on other browsers.

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I downloaded it and got the same problem too

I use windows.

Really amazing project.

The gameplay is fundamentally fun, but I found it somehow unbalanced once I started trying to actually guide the missiles.  Maybe I just suck at it!

Very glad I clicked.


skill issue

I bored of shooting those missile, so I try to fly close to them, guess what we can change the missiledirection and pointing them to the mother ship. Took 6 or 9 idk to destroy the mother ship...

This is really cool. It shows that you can in fact make a superman game and it wouldn't be boring because supes is so powerful.

Good so far.  Captures the sense of bursting forward with super speed and pulling a missle around to save the day REALLY WELL. Having to choose between putting out fires, destroying ships, or grabbing missiles is great "dilemma". Love those dynamics. The Superhero is a really neat design for being so simple!

>>Currently, the browser version mouse controls feel FAR too sensitive - I am sore in the wrist from trying to move my mouse in increments small enough to still be able to control it.  And the WASD don't seem to do much at all - I wish I could fly forward at more than an inch a minute without having to resort to Super Speed (which again, has a cool feel!!!) <<

Overall, super cool concept - would love to see it refined even more, both in controls, and graphics - cause it has SO much potential - FEELS like a Superman game, in the best meaning.  Right now, hard to fully recommend because of the control issues.  Also, maybe have something counting down how many small ships there are.  So Yes - WONDERFUL concept, some parts amazingly executed, others need a lot of work, and would LOVE to see this game be refined into an even better version!

Really, really nice! Good concept and well-executed! Nice job!

This was really cool. Love how this changed rather drastically from John's initial concept. Tarodev really wrapped this up nicely though!

Really cool game, I'd love to see another video improving it!

i suck. i took over 11 minutes


i wanna play but the sensitivity is crazy high, like im either looking directly up or directly down.


Me too. i hope they fix that soon.

I think if you play it from the download it felt better. At least for me, it did.


3:23 first try :



haha very cool game.  My high score is 8:56.  I bet no one can beat that...


Really fun to play, player controls feel nice


the is just awsome!


Impressive little game made in under 60hours? with no real direction!

Grabbing the missile = the best part of the game, nailed that feel! 

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Great game! My best time: 05:34.


I hope it ported on Android


Brilliant game I love it


gives me the gamer chills 😁


Very noice game


This game is really fun :D