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Mac Please


If I could add one thing, I would add an option for selling parts.

it wont let me download ittttt help me ples


Can you not delete parts?


You should release the source code since it cant be worked on, i think it would be cool to try to mod it and see how far a modding community would go for a simple game like this


How did you get so much money

I changed the variable with Cheat Engine

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Sadly didn't get 400k

Amazing strategy.

here is my record so far!!!! 

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great game! plz do more videos like this!

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source code?

I can't figure out how to download the game because when I press download it just downloads a file that I can't do anything with.

Make sure to unzip the file


Very interesting game, I am horrible at it, but I enjoyed playing it a lot.

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I like the look of this kind of design. But the little aliens are a little bit faster than you at that point, eventhough you have almost all boosters in the back. SO I thing you maybe need to play with less health here than me. Really fun though 

is there a way to play the game without downloading the game or using the newgrounds link because my school blocks the newgrounds website and there is no way to download anything onto the computer?

you can download it then save it onto one drive and download it at school again

no other way

i forget to capture the build but it look like the golden ratio LOL

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Deleted post

Wow that's a really cool build!

how do you leave the game there’s no menu button 

alt f4 lol

Alternatively, you can also use the task manager to kill it. Due to the time constraints of the challenge, no one really took care of making a menu and all that.

how to leave the game with out f4 in

Nice one, look what I managed to create XD

Wow, that's incredible! Did you perhaps take inspiration from Steam Powered Giraffe?

No, it's from game Reksio i UFO (Rex and UFO) [2003]


I...I am addicted. I don't know where to begin with how awesome this game is! Not only is selecting the right upgrades important, but placement is also crucial! You give the player a few parts and a few upgrades and yet you open up a colossal world of possiblities!

very fun

Reminds me of the Bubble Tanks flash game


i am not able to play i do not understand how to acces the game after download can anybody help?

You have to drag it out of the zip folder into another folder and then double-click the .exe file. Alternatively, you can play it here online:

I have a touch screen laptop, so once I had 10 click missile modules I could tap everywhere on the screen and nothing could get me. (I still lost)

Really amazing how just 20 hours and 6 developers is what it takes to make a game like this!

the mega missile has a bug when i die and accindentally press the space when mega missile is finish the CD.

Web version?

yes. newgrounds:




The missile module has a bug where it get cheaper after every purchase. Also the missile has unlimited CD after 9 missile modules are installed


The second line is the reason for the first line. It's not a bug, it's intended design due to the diminishing returns of this module. Thanks for playing!


Oh, I see :)




i want to see more people do stuff like this record? tell me pls

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This game is very fun, however I would agree with Maxwellondon with their notes on this game. I would also like to report that you can, in fact, place modules where you shoudn't be able to place them by hovering over a valid position, quickly moving to the invalid position, and then clicking.

guys i couldnt have the game working

who can help

What is the problem? If you can't get the windows version to work, you can play it in your browser on newgrounds too:


Awesome game, good job guys :)

Man i wish there was a Android version

its a game for computer

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This is really nice and has a satisfying gameplay.
This is what I noticed:
- I didn't found a quit menu (had to ALT+F4)
- You can't remove thing you placed. Even without refund, would be nice to be able to still upgrade the ship, otherwise if you get stuck in a certain configuration, it's pointless to earn more money.
-Heal module is a bit op. Maybe set a limit for them, or add a cooldown for beign able to buy it.
- Instead of having 2 L modules, would be nice to have one that you can mirror before placing it.
- You may add a 120 degree angle module

There's plenty of room for improvement. If it had a story and I found it on steam, I would have bought it.
(It'll be easier if you talk each other now :D)


did you try click missiles?

they are broken as all hell... the price DECREASES for the lower refresh time module

i cant play on chromebook so could you make a browser versio

Browser version here!


get a normal pc lmao 

how do i start the game?

After downloading, drag all the contents of the zip folder into a new folder and then double-click the exe file. Alternatively, you can play it in your browser here:

Idk if its just me but There's no close game option LMAO

True, just use alt+f4


maybe just alt tab 



DAMN, I had WAY TOO MUCH fun playing this game!)

Lol that was fun to watch. Thank you for playing and featuring our game!


No Problem, It was soo fun to play!

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