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I just kaboomed them all :D



What do i do


I killed them all cause I think they would turn into something and kill the player


-Sweats nervously with 103 hours in people playground-



no, we may not say a silent prayer for game characters


it's not a real baby


Interesting concept.



The easy way to beat this game is to kill the characters before they say anything.

Oh, that's not what you're supposed to do?






i killed a baby

I accidentally killed the baby because I was just spamming the button


the end actually sounds like a PSA!


sooooo cool bro

Pretty funny


I thought at the end if i would press it would kill the talking dud

Miseed opportunity

I can't IMAGINE how awkward it would be to voice these hahahaha

I love this. Hilarious and intriguing, and a fantastic opportunity for some creative voice acting! Games rarely make me grin as much as this one did.


I think it would be a lot more interesting if you had to choose between two people. Maybe let them both do their story and then you kill the one who you think isn't innocent.


That's a great idea ;D! Should have thought about that sooner ^^ cheers

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This is really good game. glad to play this game , amazing game.

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this was really short lol

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one thing that could improve the game would be to have to choose between 2 characters to kill

Omg this is an amazing game. I love this as an example of how you can make a really interesting  and complete experience with minimal programming. Will definitely be showing this to some people at my Video Game Development Club.

Also I'm pretty sure the baby sound effect loop ends with a keyboard press sound xD

I noticed that too! :D I was wondering if anyone else caught it. xD


A very interesting game. I really like the simple concept of the game, and the morality in it! 

(‘~`;) ooofff, my soul 


After 2 clicks, I thought this would be just a clicker of sorts, so I started just mindlessly pressing the button until I happened to reach the ending. When I read it and found out what was the point of it all, I replayed it and oh god what have I done.

Very simple in presentation, and not much of a game. But regardless, this is a great entry as a very interesting piece of interactive media. I really liked the graphics, which had some sort of old-timey flash style mixed with something that I'd expect to see from The Binding of Isaac. If anything, I applaud it for making me feel bad when my first instinct was to think of it as a "pointless clicker". Given the theme, calling it pointless would mean that one's already dehumanized.

Fantastic entry. I'll send it to my team to see if they'd like to check it out too. So far, you've got a great thumbs up from me. Keep up the good work!

...what did I just play? I wish I could find it on the LD website and rate it

He put the ld link in the description

Short but juicy. Loved it!

Would like to rate it for Ludum Dare, but for some reason LD website doesn't have a search bar and there is no link here... :D

Anyways, good job. Very refreshing and funny.

Whow. Powerful message. This game reminds me of your entry for the music game jam, short, funny, straight to the point. This is really a fun game to get a break from all the serious games in the jam. I also sensed that you had a lot of fun making this :P.

haha this is hilarious dude, did not expect this.


That was hilarious and oddly satisfying lol