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This is so fun! Good job Noa! :)

Great job on the game Noa! Very engaging and fun to play!



It's literally an spherical delight. I love the aesthetics on each level, it gives an unique vibe to the experience. Once I got used to the controls it felt really satisfying to move around.

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very good but i get the feeling level 3 isn't supposed to be as hard as i am finding it lol

nice game play

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Looking forward for the Devlog! :D

You can upload a WebGL build so that we can play directly from the browser :)


this is by far the earliest I have ever been to any game on Itch

yay 5th


Nice challenging little concept. I had fun.

When will the devlog be out...looking forward to that..

its on miziziziz channel not this one.

saw it ^-^