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The fact that I will never know the secret ending or the full story of the game before Noa deleted everything pains me.

I don't understand how I'm supposed to play the game or keep my sanity from going down, this game doesn't make any sense unless you watched the video.

There are instructions on the side of the screen.

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Loved the way the game keeps the player focused. And the creepy monster, was the best when he arrives from back. Loved it.


Very cool game. The centipede is awesome and very scary


It's really cool game. I love the art and graphics in the game. It would nice if there was a easy play mode with longer battery. 


I want to see the game before Noah replaced all the good parts with his stupid oversized bug. Big bugs are too overdone!


I want to play this game before blackthornprod touched it


well its a really cool game but as a student its hard to play sine its really light in my class room


this is a good one. damn


This game gave me a lot of scares, sounds and visuals were good but there's one problem. I feel like this game needs to crank up the difficulty, It's WAY too easy.

But overall, good game. (8.5/10)


Good one!!! Awe-inspiring sound and suspense!



After playing this game, I'd say this is a decent game! Well... being free and whatnot~ Nevertheless, this game can be easily beaten in about 5 minutes but it does have a lot of potential for speedrunning as you try to improve your time to kill the centipede! The only problems I really had with the game was the fact you can't light things up in the upper top of the area from your player character and the fact that the flashlight gets dimmer as its battery drains. The latter issue I had is more of a nitpick as I found being unable to illuminate things to the upper left of my character far more annoying.

Now... for some tips involving the game itself...

- The ritualistic circles you see around the area draws the centipede towards you if you stand on them.

- Pills, bolts, and batteries spawn randomly.

- Your sanity drains slowly over time, faster when you are near skeletons and the centipede, and chunks of it immediately drains when you hit the centipede with a crossbow bolt.

- The centipede's head is the only part of it you can damage.

watch now


This seems like something that could be good for speedruns.
My time 50.02 seconds

Is the GameDev course free?


Really enjoyed watching the steps it took you 5 to make the game, very nice.

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This is cool, very spooky.