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Seems like a pretty cool game but I cannot afford it since I am a child

:) I buy it very good game, check my :)

Demo of Woodcutter (v1.7.0.0):

demo plz black thorn prod!

can waste $8.99 without knowing will it work on my computer or what we will have after buying it?


demo pls


can you make a demo???

2020 boiiii


Since you build most of your games in Unity, please make a Linux release !


Ohh.. only for windows?


2020 Brothas.


can you please make a build for mac


can you please make a version for android? I am really interested into this game but I got no way of playing.

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The game has been pirated to a website i wont mension the website for obvious reasons.Patch it if possible.Just wanted to let you know


what obvious reason.?

So people don't go to it and play it for free


how will the owner find out though?(where to find it)

I am currently playing it and I really enjoy it. I like cute and creepy artstyle, amazing music, cool atmosphere, great controls. I think this is a great game!

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I would love a Mac build! I'm really interested in the game!

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Really awesome game! Really fun, great atmosphere, and amazing music. I bought it already on steam just thought that I should rate it here as well.


Just wondering if you have any plans for a Mac version, dying to play it


A Linux version would also be great..


Um..... no games?




Har Har Har. That was funny


What do you mean by "What" anyway?


I think he means "What do you mean by 'no games'?"




i sadly don't have the money to purchase the game but i have seen a video(i have also seen the devlog's) on it and it's such a amazing game 

Watch Jonas Tyroller:


Jonas Tyroller only played about half the game. I don't have money for the game either.

I am a big fan of blackthornprod.


Brackeys too....... and Dani......

But Who is JABRILLS?

I dun have money too, lol


why do you like every youtuber i like we are way to much alike 


coincidence, lol

Please see my game!

hoping dani would upload free off the sticks game one day.

Who knows this is noah's first game for money?


I brought this on steam, and it was simply amazing, you should buy it right now! 

i dun have money just like vrglab