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fun mechanics and cute artstyle!

Wow this game is AWESOME!!!

FREEDOM! Loved this!

my speed run of this game (there is room for improvement)


Hey :) ! I'm so glad you liked this little puzzle game I made ! 
And thanks for speedrunning it, that was a lot of fun to watch ! You've really mastered the game, you were even able to find some glitches I had no idea existed^^. Cheers mate :) !

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I found more you can get the the key through the wall 1:07 on my video i but i couldn't manage to do it during the video.

Your welcome. I really liked the game you made and look forward to playing more of your games. :)

My favorite blackthornprod game is the mario madness its fun and challenging and I even had fun killing the princess many times seeing how many times i could kill the princess before i die.

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this is a really good game i even  made a video of me speed running it from start to finish in 1:46

(menu screen to when words freedom appear and turn into black) 

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This the first game (That you made) I played where I actually won XP 


nice game!

Please man make us a full game video on YouTube i.e making the entire game from start to finish and I'm also asking that someday you make us a video where by you tell us on how you went on to learning unity, Maya, and coding as a whole 🙏

Thanking you in advance.

Wow, what a very nice interesting game man.


Thanks :) ! That's really encouraging to hear !


Right off the bat this game is very polished and I love the graphics. Puzzles were cleaver. There were multiple levels where standing still would lead to a spawn kill and that got a little frustrating. That last key felt very satisfying however and the ending was fantastic!

Thanks so much for the motivating feedback :) ! It's really appreciated !True enough some of the later levels do have that spawn kill... for some reason I didn't think that was a problem but looking back I realize that was quite a poor design decision. A good lesson learnt :) ! 

I think it's fun to have a spawn-kill level for some areas as it adds excitement. But too much of a good thing feels bad and so much of gaming is about how it feels. Hard to quantify. Maybe on the levels where the enemy follows you, have them paused until the player makes the first move?

That was fun - it took me ages to realise there was a Right (--->) and Left (<----) directional keys as well as the gravity ones!  I know it's on the first page but I didn't see it! Skipping the tutorial as always.... Other than my stupidity I enjoyed the game - the SFX were cool too - very fitting and not too annoying - well done. Freedom!!!!!!

Thanks so much mate :) ! I'm really glad you figured out the left and right gravity swap and didn't quit the game :) !

FUN FACT : the freedom part was inspired by the movie braveheart, you may or not be familiar with it (excellent movie*) :) !

Very good game.  Very nice, and mostly polished.  There are a few exploitable things, and a small bug, but good quality game, overall.

  • I would suggest disabling the fullscreen, since it doesn't work, and only adds scrollbars to the page
  • While using the left-side grabity, the left/right arrow keys are reversed (Since you should be looking at the screen from the player object's angle and be able to use the same left/right directions, for consistency)
  • I spent 50% of my time on one frustrating level, and 50% on the rest of the game.  Haha, I feel dumb
  • You can abuse mid-air gravity switching and sliding to reach the goal in ways that seem unintended
  • Possibly add a level indicator, like maybe a quick flash before the level, or something in the upper corner.  Not necessary, but it feels good to climb levels, and it helps with communicating about the game.

Again, great game.  I've added it to my collection

Thanks so much for the in depth feedback :) and for pointing out all those pesky bugs and quirks ! Before launching a new game you're exactly the type of player I would love to have around to test things out help me get things feeling more polished and less buggy :) ! Cheers :)

Feel free to send me a message whenever you need some testing done. :)

Puzzle mechanic has a good feel. Kind of annoying puzzles in a good way.

Thanks :) ! That was my first shot at making a puzzle game (I've done loads more action oriented stuff :)) ! I'm really glad you enjoyed it !