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GAME *clap* REVIEW *clap*

it was cool  i guess


Speaking the language of the gods.

A little too hard for me- but super cool and creative!

Thats EPIC!!!

Great Fun

Love this! The game's savage difficulty really tests your ability to keep both players away from danger and the fluid switches really stop it from becoming frustrating. 

A bit too hard, but awesome.


I really liked your game, and I have some suggestions

1. I think it would make the game more interesting if the two characters were different somehow

2. The spider enemy can get really annoying so i think it would be more fair if you were invincible while stunned or something

3. The power ups would be a lot more useful if you got more and more later on 


Realy Realy fun game.


Why don't you use the f@$#ing WASD????????


Yeah sorry about that ;D ... completely forgot ! I wish I could update the game but uploads currently aren't allowed !


Really fun game the controls are simple and work very well should add a scoring system to give an incentive  to keep playing!


Thanks for the feedback :) ! True enough I need to add some score to keep the player excited and engaged up until the final boss ! I'll also be adding a little background music !

Cool looking forwards to playing your game again. Its probably one of the best games design wise you've made yet!


Love how you keep the scope small and make a very polished game. I like the controls in the game as well, very intuitive.


What fun this is, I love the idea of two players/brothers rather than multiplayer, its so unique and just so much fun to play, great game, 10/10 AMAZING!


nice game really liked the concept a lot

I could play this all day! It's very satisfying to kill everything!