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really fun!

Quick question has anyone reading this actually beat it?


level 3 is impossible i really dont like thi

skill issue tbh

this is way to hard i had to consistently pause to be able to beat the final level

i actually finished the game


Game is a little bit too hard :(

aaaaaaaa i cant finish final level

Please make a sandbox mode!

LVL 12

LVL 12

LVL 12



hy man i love your channel and your art its cool and i watch every game jam of yours and thats . and this game is so cool 


Cool game!


:D I like it you are amazing game dev :D


Amazing Game Bro, Playing is really fun. Your game inspired me to make my own game!!!! 

Thanks again for the awesome jam! Decided to cap off my streams with your game. I hope the feedback is useful (or at the very least reasonable). Was still pretty sick at the time. XD

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First of all, It was very enjoyable playing your game, I started out a bit skeptical of the gameplay, howerver I actually got addicted to it quite fast. (haha)

I really like your art style, so well done for that too.

The audio although not my favorite type, really fits the game.

Altogether I find this a really great game for the jam, it turned out really concise, fun to play and very pleasing to look at. Congratulations!

Secondly, I'd like to thank you for hosting the jam, it was a blast to participate and the theme was very inspiring and cool, i'm really proud of what I made for this challenge.

It would be cool to get some feedback on my game too :)


Ahaha it really makes me anxious how the pause sound is so similar to the failure sound. I have to ask, was that intentional, to discourage pause-spamming? :D If not, then I suppose that's a nice unintended result! Also, thank you for adding a pause option for those who need it!


Pro tip: Use the pause to your advantance. (really useful in level 6)


I didn't know that at all! I just completed this without any pausing, but great tip!

This was almost the hardest game I have ever played in my life(not hardest because of the "Worlds Hardest Game) . It was a very energetic, hard and fun game.

Finally i finished this game!! :O 10/10 This game is so good , good job !


geez this game is hard. Cant even beat the third level lol. Good job!

me too!

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Really cool, a bit difficult but fun! I won the game after about 21 attempts of the final level. In general I think it's a great example of how to develop a mechanic (verb) that seems simple but creating new objects! and it's a good way to train your skills to draw with the mouse. :D

Well, I cleared the game finally. A little bit hard actually. 

But still good jooooooooooooooob!

Well Done!

Had so much fun and nerve-wrack :)

Prepare to cry inside when you reach level 17 (The Final). It is somehow more brutal than the actual game. Just about managed to do this by exploiting the pause button.

As always great game! It would be fantastic on mobile and I really think you should pursue it just please lower the difficulty I've nearly spent an hour on this brutal game...

Absolutely Amazing game,  I must say.

Click and drag with WebGL is terrible; I learned that with one of my own game jam games. Need a Windows build to properly register click events so that I get a sense of fairness. How many levels are there in this game? Made it to level 12 before rage quitting. lol

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A fun little challenge! :D


I've finished the game and it was funny! Sometimes easy, sometimes hard but it was fair enough!
Good the art as always, I liked also the sounds more than other games!
Thanks for this game :)


Unfortunately I'm not able to play it properly because for some reason it keeps trying to like drag the picture file or something and even when I let go of the left mouse button the planet sticks to the cursor. Not sure why this is happening but looking forward to seeing your video on the game.

Yes I had the same problem

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Really cool :D
But I feel like the mouse movement is choppy.
And the game lags for me - but that's because of my crappy computer

Graphics and sound are spot on as always. Really liked them, but I somehow don't like this drag and drop games. Nevertheless it was fun to play. Unfortunately, I cheated a little with my second monitor on the right :D So maybe you should consider fixing this.

ive spotted a bug.. when playing with more than one screen you can drag planets out of your viewport... they do however still collide so its just harder for players if they drag planets out of their views

The game is difficult but the art and gameplay is fun

It's really hard to complete, but what a nice game!

It's like these planets are on a suicide quest to reach Valhalla! Nice artwork as always, Noa. Thank you for uploading quality content and inspiring other game developers.


I was cursing your name at level 6 sir... LOL that was an interesting yet frustrating mechanic. 

Nice little  game Noa! I'd remove the fullscreen button because it overlaps with the Unity's button. I'm looking forward to watching the Making of video