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cool game! It's pretty hard. Keep up the great work!  <3<3<3

Yo this is Hard but i love Hard Plat formers Awesome game

got so triggered 

poor man's super meat boy...color me surpised.

I beat the game but whats the 80 on the  bottom left corner mean on the end screen

Some hitboxes are fairly too large and some are too small, keep up the good work Noa, love the vids

i think it's a bit too hard.

the hitboxes are bigger than the spikes so i die without touching them


That is true hitboxes are than the spikes

I also can't click the play button

I believe you hat to hit space or enter to play :) ! No need for the mouse with the game ! Sorry about that, should have made it more clear !

Deleted post

I can't click the play button...

hit enter

yep i found that out a while ag

so did u beat this game yet

lol no not yet


hit enter