A Waffles Fate is the 2nd game made for my 1 game a week for 1 year challenge !

It's also a submission for the WEEKLY GAME JAM - WEEK 46, the theme being : Waffle !

Rules : Move up and down with the arrow keys and dodge the spiky heads ! 

For more about me check out my Youtube channel (plenty of Unity tutorials, behind the scenes and devlogs ) : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9Z1XWw1kmnvOOFsj6Bzy2g?view_as=subscriber

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AuthorBlackthornprod Games
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Arcade, blackthornprod, Cute, Dark Humor, Endless Runner, noa-calice, reflex, waffle, weekly-game-jam---week-46


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MMMM moon waffles

soooo good

plz download link




love the cutseacen at the start


great game! thank you!  <3<3<3

my high score is 108

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i cant stop playing your game

I thought I'd make a video about me playing this because waffles are awesome and saving them is my priority in life. Wasn't the case today...

I love those short simple games Noa. Awesome work. Looking forward for next week!


Thanks so much man :) ! I'm having a great time making these and am already looking forward to the next theme ! I also have a bigger project I'm really excited to share with all of you so stay tuned :) !

Deleted 2 years ago

Super cool art, I love the intro too.  Really nice touches.

Thanks Gareth :) ! That sort of comment is always so appreciated !

This was incredibly fun. Made my morning a whole lot of nonsensical. For an HTML styled game, this is wonderfully executed. The music kept my subconscious both busy and wanting to finish.The dark art style was really something fantastically twisted, and perfect being so. There is not a whole bunch I can say, however you have got this one right! I finally finished it and found a very devious end. Such a wonderful experience. I hope you create more, perhaps even a fun platformer, but this was very cool for what it was. Thank You.

Watching you play was awesome :) ! Thanks a ton for that ! I've actually been working on this platformer for about 3 months now (and I'm pretty proud of it). It will very soon be unleashed on the world, so I sure hope you check it out :) ! Cheers :) !

damn that was hard, I made to 100... lol. Nice one !

Have you tried make the character white for contrast ?, there where moments I was deeply focus, I lost track of the character. I really like the dark theme tho

Hey Mateo and thanks for the feedback :) ! I actually never thought of making the player character white but now that you say it it might of been the right thing to do (I could of made a little color customization option in the main menu)... thanks again for that tip and stay tuned !

I like the game, so dark... I like the camera shake effect too! Good one! Keep going! I can get addicted to it..

Thanks Dani for the encouraging support :) ! 

I made it to 100. That ending how could you.

HAHAHA :) ! Yep, that was a bad ending :D ! I initially planned on having the waffle choke the little girl but that was even more weird and dark so I ended up removing that from the game !