Made for the LD43 game jam by Sam(Sykoo) and  Noa(Blackthornprod) ! 

The theme was : sacrifices must be made !

You can RATE the game here :


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For the ones wwho say the game has no ending, it has.

The only ending for someone who trades his mental health for power is the bad ending, where you go crazy


So I keep choosing "reverse controls". After each time my projectiles become bigger and eventually larger than screen, so I just stand in the middle and spawn'killing everything by shooting at randon . Is there any ending to this game?

no there is not I am on 300 kills and killed all bosses and it doesn't stop. So no there is not ending :(

Hey, can you please make these games available for download please, I really wanna play them offline? Please

I would love it if you added a download as it is currently unplayable. My computer is able to run Doom 2016 at max setting perfectly fine, but in the browser I am getting a good 5 or so seconds of lag. I enjoy the artstyle and the game sounds very fun; but I cannot play it.

Very fun and works great, the mechanics are executed,  well I would only like to say that you can make a pretty OP character by selecting the reverse controls effect after your controls are already reversed, thx for this great game


A straight-forward interpretation of the theme with an excellent execution. All the feedback are there and it feels very polished. However, I think forcing players to sacrifice may put them off, especially if your deals don't cover the expectation of players. For example, I want less enemies for lower running speed, and that is not an option. Tradition top-down shooter makes the player feel powerful and players are used to that way. I think some of the deals you offer make the player feel less powerful in general (one that introduces a new type of enemy), and winning the round doesn't feel as rewarding because now I have to make a sacrifice as the game tells me so. I personally like the upgrade in bullet size, and the sacrifice is worth it. Regardless of my nitpicking feedback, you two definitely did a wonderful job this jam. Good luck with the results!


The theme of the jam is sacrifices must be made, you know that right?

The theme of the jam is sacrifices must be made, you know that right?

Too hard to win. Maybe decrease the enemies' speed

bruh it was a game jam. he cant fix it-_-

I know I mean if he does any future version of it

also you must just suck. the movement speed is fine.

are you going to share the source code?


is there a way to download the game? at least i believe that will lower the lag. because currently, theres like half a second of input lag on the mouse, and a lot of animation lag. is this normal?