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Fantastich game. ЫЫЫ

cool game!

Great Game!! The mechanics are really unique!!

I won vs my brother a second time when I went over the giant coin in top left corner and hid behind it.     :) 

This game is fun to play if the you play it so that the person trying to find you has to look away for 10 seconds so that  all the people have rendered in.

also i won vs my brother because you can go off the screen entirely from the bottom left corner.  

Really cute art, love the idea, not sure about the voice-overs.


Fun-looking game, neat art.  I didn't have anyone to take turns playing, but just a couple quick things:
 - The "Outloaw" becomes immediately obvious, once you realize it's the character that's always the lowest z-index
 - The difference in sound levels between the voice-overs and everything else is painfully high

Super cute!