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I would suggest trying to make the game available on Mac and Linux. Changing the name of the downloadable file from to the game's title would be a bit more cleaner. Obviously these are nitpicky things xD

this game is super polished and the music is very nice too

loved It Bro So Sick


veeryyy nice game i love the games you game

this game is also best

love the art

price should be bigger than you kept


mac version please

Nice, art is beautiful man.


though I can't afford it


im a fan and watched all of the games devlogs

i just got it on steam a bit ago and it is really good, works well on my crappy laptop that i like. the colors are amazing, and the overall game is really pretty.






Hi, I am trying to purchase this game but there is an error message saying that 'this account cannot make live charges' and to contact the owner of the site.  I have tried to make the payment twice.  The first time without an itch.IO account and the second time after I registered.  What can I do?

just try buying it on steam

I'm having this same problem.



I love this


Pretty entertaining. Looks nice, sounds the same, music is pretty neat. Maybe a bit easy, i completed it in 2 runs (in the first i died to the floor in the third location). Personally id tone down the graphical effects as sometimes it can be a tad hard to see stuff when theres a bit too much going on at the same time. Also allowing for multikills in one jump would be pretty cool, as not only would this allow for sweet triple kills but also sometimes theres multiple enemies very close to each other which may force you to take damage. Also not making the borders an instakill would be nice because as i said i died to one on accident because i was going too fast and didnt see it in time. Also making the view shift slightly towards your mouse (and maybe even to the end point) would be useful as sometimes i got a bit lost for a second, not knowing in what direction to go (i know its generally "upwards" but sometimes theres no planets in view). The final boss is a bit of a pushover, like someone who has used a computer mouse for more than an hour could probably beat that. Also making things that damage you no matter what a separate color would probably be nicer than just saying "hey, that thing will hurt you bad" (i think theyre usually fully red but some bosses have those and theyre the same color as any other normal enemy). Thats all i guess, pretty good.




perfect as always :D


colorful as hell. love it.


i need a demo


I’ve never really tried mouse-only games before, but this was a heck of an awesome experience. The gameplay, the cute art and the story are magnificent, as well as the music too! I really like that though you can get a shortcut to the next level, you don’t have your health and stars that you gained from the previous levels.


Dude, I really wanna the game, but there's no Mac build, will it be available later?


If your computer isn't a toaster you should be able to run it well with wine


It is toaster :)

Deleted 2 years ago

good luck , man


demo pleaseeee


your style is amazing i like it, but i suggest your next game try make it using the New Style you used in Photoshop of making real Art


Hi! Just a quick suggestion, you said that you get only about 70% of your revenue on Steam, so why not decrease the price in Itch to about 90% so that people will prefer to buy from itch, cuz of the low price than steam. And if they buy from Itch, you'll get 90% of the revenue on itch, 70% on steam, but people will prefer Itch. 

Just an example calculation of mine :

 $7 From Steam BTP will get $4.9 (70%)
$6 From Itch BTP will get $6 (100%)

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Keep in mind he doesn't get 100% of the revenue on, I think it's closer to about 90-95%.


Oh, ohk, but still, he'll have an advantage right?


Let's not undercut hard working developers. What difference does it make to you if the price is the same and the developers gets a little more?


 Well  I  made this suggestion hoping that BTP will get more revenue,  i just wanted to support him, I really respect his work he did on this game, so  yeah. (And btw i don't understand what you meant in your second sentence) 


If I recall correctly, I believe part of the Steam agreement miiight be that you can't price the game any lower on other platforms.




Has cool art


finally, I like buying on, just download the file unzip it and play, no installers or ram killing background apps, + it support the dev, as doesn't take money, I didn't buy it yet, but I will soon :)