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Control an army of tiny dwarves...

...and help them build their dream cathedral

Build a village to gather precious resources , defend against demonic creatures and much more...

Combat the plague, evil villains, and keep the faith of your army alive at all cost, or else chaos will unleash

A game made by Noa & Liam Calice from Blackthornprod

Blackthornprod - YouTube

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
AuthorBlackthornprod Games
GenreStrategy, Action
Tags2D, Atmospheric, City Builder, Fantasy, Management, Minimalist, Real time strategy


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a bit of a bug I encountered: when I was nearly at the end of the first elevator stage, all my dwarves besides the warriors simply disappeared and nothing was getting built. normally this wouldn't had been a problem but I couldn't spawn any more because "dwarf cap" or something. besides that, I loved the procedural gameplay and style. will say though, it's a bit hard to get started and you may want to nerf the towers a bit.

sorry if it sounded mean, I just wanted to give it a bit of a critique considering it's in development! :)

Ps: pls make the dwarves randomly go left or right on spawn

bc you dont die when you reach 0 faith

you can just place gold and stone generators at the start then save up for 3 priest towers then you just save up place every part of the cathedral and then place dwarf spawner's and baths and you win. Hope you fix that somehow.

that was so0 amasing

How do you gain faith?

by building the cathedral

how do I build it if all my dwarves are corrupted in under a minute 😭😭😭


Neat little fun game. Quit challenging though.

This game is awesome and so inspiring!

But's its process is a bit short. 

I really like the game and I think you could make a few improvements. For example, the big underground enemies spawn quite often, which makes them difficult to keep in check without having 10 priest towers. I also encountered a bug where all my workers would be dead and I would be unable to spawn more due to reaching the worker cap.


The game is really cool in every way, and you can't just close it before the cathedral is built :D

Things that felt off:
- Small collider of the squares where you summon dwarves, sometimes it's hard to click it and have to aim at very center of the box
- Can't understand when I can't build something and should always keep watching those numbers
- Sometimes it's hard to see what blocks are not builded yet (especially when boxes change color to red)
- I can't understand towers logics, probably they're shooting in random enemy, but those big-ass demons are much more dangerous than the small bat ones, so it would be cool if towers first shoot those who closer to them (for self protection at least :D)

You said in the video to leave you all the feedback so here it is :D Hope it will help to improve the game, can't vait for the update)


Really nice looking and challenging game!  Sometimes it's quite hard to see the missing parts of the cathedral. Purchasing is quite inconvinient because I don't see when items are not avaible. If those items would be grayed out it would help a lot. Also for some reason I need multiple clicks before I can purchase. Otherwise a really great game. Keep it up!


I love the graphics, and the idea behind this game, but it is incredibly hard to figure out a balance. I am always running out of faith, even though I keep building more cathedral pieces and only have three buildings. I can't figure out why my little builders suddenly die and become monsters. I've managed to get up to ten pieces of cathedral built before there are too many monsters for me to keep going. I feel like I'm missing some part of the build. What causes the guys with the crosses? What makes the little red dudes? Is there a way to keep my warriors alive because things seem to ramp up faster than I can compensate for. I'm going to keep trying, because I want to see the cathedral, but it is definitly on hard mode. 

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I'd love a tutorial in this game. And I feel like this game is a little bit too slow. Overall great game! Good job :D

Quick question, is this game only for Windows?


I feel like I'm asking this a lot lately, sorry, but any chance for a linux build? ;)

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Deleted 1 year ago
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And maybe a mac build too :)

Nice game. 

But I had to restart it a couple times to exactly know what to do. So maybe a little tutorial at start could help.

And when everything turns red with a countdown, I lost, because I didn't know what I should do.



Awesome game!

I really got absorbed and spent a bit over an hour before finally beating it :).

Overall I felt the balancing was quite good! (although the strategy I found for my final try was probably a bit OP)

I also really enjoyed the art style and game feel, which made the game super satisfying. 

That said, I had a lot of nitpicks, which would make the game better if fixed:

* Sometimes hard to tell if cathedral piece was built or not

Mostly edges; why can I still hover over the square if I can't build there???

Buying feels sluggish:

- Why does it exit buy mode when run out of resources? Maybe I wanna keep clicking cus I know I'll generate the resources needed in 1 second.

- Maybe wait to deduct resources until item is placed? I swear I've bought at least 5 spawners without placing them.. (might be placebo, but it feels bad)

- Elevators often just don't get placed even when I have the money. Feels like I'm somehow clicking wrong???

- Can't keep continuously buy some items: mines, quarries, deleting. All will only let me do 1 before exiting buy mode.

Accidently got a deadlock: A bit into the game, I had 0 faith and was desperately trying to build the cathedral, but I "reached worker cap". In hindsight I think my low faith was corrupting dwarves the moment they spawned! (also I didn't get what corruption did until after finishing the game).

I wrote a lot of negative things there, but only because I know that's what you want from a playtest. I really did enjoy it loads! 

Looking forward to more from yall :)

Really cool concept, but maybe a little too hard to get progress in. I had to restart the game so many times because I couldn't even get started without running out of faith, and basically losing.