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Level 6 is tough...sometimes I'm trying to move one heart and the wrong heart moves, but still very good game!

This is Hard


Good Game But It doesn't give me enough time to Move the Hearts At The Start Wait That Rhymes.

games too hard for me man

Id say this games has some hectic gameplay, haha. Jokes aside great job dude

Fun game! Took me about 20 minutes to beat, I think I died the most on Level 10 followed by Level 6. It would be cool if at the end of a level you could see the trail left by the hearts. Keep up the good work!

I really enjoyed this game! Very challenging and very well made! :)


Just watched the video, and had a really great time watching you play Escaping Hearts :) ! You seem like a really cool dude, best of luck of with your channel, I'm sure you'll go far ! Cheers ^^

If is made with  Unity why have LOVE tag

What do you even mean by that? Play the game, I don’t get your question.

The LOVE tag is for games made with Love2d, but this game is made for unity

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Oh! Ok, so I did see the question wrong. I think it was labeled love because it is a kind of romance story. I had no idea love2d existed.

I made it to the 4th level, than there were just to many knifes. You are good at art and focus on that, so maybe you can try a code heavy game for a challenge.

Relaxing music but intense


Awesome work!  Very tough, but a really cool idea and great execution.


really nice game! Couldn't even beat the 4th level

great game 


This is a nice game.. Beauty art and cool levels;

I died 5 times in "The End" scene XD