This game was made for the TV game jam in 3 days ! 

The inspiration for this game came from the TV show : The End of the F***ing World !

Hold down the left mouse button over a heart to move it.
Dodge the hazards.

MUSIC is from the Youtube audio library : The Beauty of Love by Aakash Gandhi.

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BEHIND THE SCENES look ay how I made this game : 

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Id say this games has some hectic gameplay, haha. Jokes aside great job dude

Fun game! Took me about 20 minutes to beat, I think I died the most on Level 10 followed by Level 6. It would be cool if at the end of a level you could see the trail left by the hearts. Keep up the good work!

I really enjoyed this game! Very challenging and very well made! :)


Just watched the video, and had a really great time watching you play Escaping Hearts :) ! You seem like a really cool dude, best of luck of with your channel, I'm sure you'll go far ! Cheers ^^

If is made with  Unity why have LOVE tag

I made it to the 4th level, than there were just to many knifes. You are good at art and focus on that, so maybe you can try a code heavy game for a challenge.

Relaxing music but intense


Awesome work!  Very tough, but a really cool idea and great execution.


really nice game! Couldn't even beat the 4th level

great game 


This is a nice game.. Beauty art and cool levels;

I died 5 times in "The End" scene XD