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One only

i killed him by accident (it was creepy)

Thank you for this amazin game!
If you want, you can check my full game playthrough here:


Spot the difference

really hard to notice, but im gonna have to go with the one on the bottom left that looks a bit off color

why i cant sleep at night part1


Earth has become 5G



I built too many skyscrapers. The Earth threw a tantrum.

10/10 Gameplay


When u leave a website on be like

My man gonna built nuclear 

man it gg


I feel like this game was made by some mad vegan in his grandmas basement?


It's a metaphor for how we humans are killing the planet? It has nothing to do with veganism or animals lmao

Deleted 104 days ago

It's about how endless growth isn't a sustainable model for the future.


what were you on while making this? asking for a friend.


This was a very interesting game! I loved playing it but I also feel like I'm now an ecoterrorist. But overall really fun! Hope you enjoy my video on it. 


Amazing game!


I killed the earth 😅

um that playthrough was um questionable 

oh dear I think earth is not too happy

i killed earth


Si este juego sería un objeto real, sería un diamante./If this game were a real object, it would be a diamond.

si se pudiera descargar mejor pero igual esta chilo

i found a bug

It is possible to reach the end screen without destorying all of the trees so the trees stay on the planet even if it dead

yea i did too

place something on those trees


A very creepy planet the entire way through. I really like the game though!

porque si XD


te gustan?


Earth really said :D and then .;;'.D;>:.;.'



i can't download the game


Go industrial or go home.

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Like aww this is cute  to 



I can find you…

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i can....

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I will be your new soccer ball……


I get it


It is a bit disturbing but people really need to try this game and learn something


Yes, but it doesn't change anything because nobody wants to end all technology just to save the planet. Your comment is literally killing the planet, but still you comment, you want to help, you can't.


I get that playing this and ask people to play this game maybe is not helping at all but I think it's kinda rude when you say that my comment is killing the planet (unless the planet in this game).

Some games are developed to give awareness to people so I don't get the point of "it doesn't change anything" when I believe there's still some people who still trying to make the change like the creator of this game.


Oh I did not want to offend. I apologize. What I mean is that to store your comment on the net you have to contaminate and that kills the planet again. I apologize.


Ironically enough as we get more technologically advanced, our machines become more efficient and cause less harm to the environment. 


I'm really scared

Deleted post



great game! just a little creepy at the end... 


whoever drew the planet's faces has a massive talent for drawing grotesque images. jesus christ lol i had to stop playing when it started showing veins


I feel disturbed


I feel like a jerk for finding this funny


heavy handed 


This is a great reprizentation of what would happen if we didnt take care of our planet I love the message! <3


Tears rolling down my ears when I heard the earth screaming and weeping due to all the rich and population in and around it...


Tears roll down your ears?

haha, it's funny put i think he/she meant eyes, i have no idea how you right that wrong or even close to ears but o

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