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Glitch in the game: If you plant there Mills again at the end (or anytime) you can reverse the planet's pollution.


I actually did that to try to save the planet and its people, in case that led to any hidden endings!


Can I embed this on my website?


I will give credit to you

The bug with last building coss misssynced between GUI and Game 10k instead of 7.5, made me laugh a little bit coz I know that feeling :D

Amazing game tho! 


9/10 people became environment activists after playing this game

Not dead yet! Still got my mill! :B

This game was terrifying... make me play it again please XD

Love ur Art style :) It's a really well made game you made with only 48 Hours. When i have learned more about scripting C# I am gonna join LD43 or 44 :)

The last building says that it requires 7500 points but I built it only by having over 10000 points. Couldn't choose to place it before. Is it a known bug?

i had the same problem


10 outta 10 would industrilize the world over again

The minimum world of all one building is the second highest, from there you can build a single tower and you'd have reached maximum capacity.

this is terrifying! thank you!

Nice, short and sweet game.

Had fun.

I love that it says The End instead of Game Over the same way missile command did it.

Wait... did I win, it said the end?! Love the game!


Lesson learnt to keep the planet alive just replace everything with windmills

Hmm apparently the planet exploded with too much sulfur and gas! :)


I beat the game. I now feel awful.

Great concept and I enjoyed the story being told.

ME too :(


yea, it was a little to political. i would have liked it if there was a way in which you can help the planet, like having the option to delete stuff, etc. but i enjoyed the graphics and it was kinda fun i guess

A game with an interesting Hidden meaning!

Great game i love the art style of this and the simplistic feel of the game. It's nice and short and sweet. There is a bit of a creepy feel to this game and is awesome overall great game.


very good game 


You're supposed to make games for people to have fun, not to make a political statement.


Just because you're not smart enough to believe in climate change, doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. 

Deleted 4 years ago

You aren't his boss! Don't like it? Don't play it!


No but he is entitled to his opinion, and the ability to voice it.


Opinions don't start with "You're supposed to...". Opinions start with "I prefer..." or "I might enjoy it more if...", or similar.


Well, I had fun




i dont know what to think


Me neither. From one side I can see the point of it, but it breaks the joy of the game.


cool game


This game is an amazing work of art! The visuals are great and really drive the idea home. The atmosphere transformation throughout the game is breathtaking and the sound engineering itself is awesome. It was a pretty real and intense experience that made me think a lot about the real world. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone reading but it escalated very quickly and that was the main charm behind this game. Thanks so much for making this!


Thanks so much for playing :) !! It was a pure joy seeing your reactions as the planet evolved and eventually exploded into smithereens ! By the way you can watch the behind the scenes video I made 2 days ago if you like  :) : 

Sweet! I'll take a peek! Thanks again! :D


can you give me a link into your game's ludum dare link?  because i want to rate your game there....


Here we go :)) :
I believe you can only rate it if via the LD website if you've also made a game during the event ! If that's the case though all the better, if not tell  me what you thought of it here, I would love to get your feedback :) !

This game shows an in depth look on how we treat our planet and the creatures that live in it. I enjoyed the experience, the way the earth looks as it progress to getting more and more sick scared me a bit. The art work goes from being Happy so sad then just plane scary at the end. When I reached the end where the earth was about to die  it gave me a tense feeling and helpless feeling. I didn't know when it would happen and there was no way to fix the damage that had been done. 

Even tho I went into this game knowing what to expect and what would happen in the game I still played it and  I did enjoyed it.  Over all I would give this game a 9/10. some of the sound effect wouldn't play but I can understand with only 2 days to complete it :D. I would love to see you further this Idea. Maybe the humans on the planet will realize that they are killing there world and some of them try to save it while others try to destroy. 

Over all the experience is well worth playing this game. I would recommend it, the art work, music and message behind it should be shared. I look forward to seeing even more projects from you. 


Love the graphics and that i can go back to a healthy earth :3 (hope we could do the same)

Thanks so much everyone for the great feedback :) !! It's really appreciated !

Amazing visuals, great ambient sounds, and watching the planet evolve as you build is interesting to watch while also making a nice statement about our treatment of the planet.

lovely art style as always Nice interpretation of the theme


just saying

I felt horrible when everything bad started happening 

I was actually crying


Hi, I think that the game is really nice^^ I would maybe add some "mini games" to make the time you wait more interesting. One possibility is to make suns raining from the sky (like in plants vs zombies), which give you some extra "money", if you klick on them.


WOW, The art in this game is: "OUT OF THIS WORLD!" Its so gorgeous, and the Game idea, is clever and its a great idea! Very great game! I love it, 10/10! :D

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