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Project files for DAY 1 of the jam!

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AuthorBlackthornprod Games


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Oh man, I thought this was using assets that Blackthornprod created, so I didn't pick it. I am sorry Noah!


hey. a question. how do I open the game?

this isn't a game- its project files for a game

So... What do I do with them? I am very interested now 


ITS A PROJECT FILE FOR A UNITY GAME so download unity, create a new project, or tag it as a project omfg


bruh this thread was so useful I had the same question

The visuals look cool. I hope someone take it to day 2

hey Blackthornprod! Do you know if other game developers from your pass the game videos going to participate? And will you pick somebody’s project for day two?

I was in a pass the game video, and I am going to compete! I'm excited to try this one out.


oh, you are the skeleton guy from Noot Noot. You’ve got  a nice project there. I couldn’t complete the second level though. Pretty hard controls. Would be cool if the keys would automatically swap so that they will be responsible for the same action after the object is flipped. 

I'm so excited, I've always wanted to be in a pass the game challenge!!

Oh hey man, yeah I saw your work, pretty cool. Didn't know you joined this!