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Jump and grapple your way to the top!

This game was with ZERO communication between the DEVS, as part of a fun game dev challenge which you can watch on Youtube:  

Made by:
Slobby Monk




Flow Studio

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorBlackthornprod Games
Tags3D, Abstract, Cute, Frogs, getting-over-it, hardcore, Parkour, Physics, rage, Speedrun


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WindowsBuild 224 MB


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had a great time playing this game.

cool game, but I wish it had options for mouse sensitivity (It's a bit too high)

i know right


It's a game to climb to the top by playing a frog, but I gave up. Thank you for liking and subscribing before watching the video :)

you could have made a menu of options to lower the volume, lower the mouse sensitivity and lower the quality but the game is pretty cool, I just couldn't play much because of my pc.

I can't download from the itch.io app

I like the expressionless frogs, they are indescribably cute.

The difficulty level of the game itself is low, but unlike other fodder games, if you hit a poison swamp, you have to restart from the starting point, so the fear of failure makes the game more tense and interesting!

When I got slapped by a slapping machine and blew up, I was in a hurry, but it was an interesting scene.


I got 17.59 seconds on my run

오호 그거 정말 재미있겠구나

쇠 막대 타고 올라가면 용암 보이는데 거기 떨어져야 진엔딩임 

ㄹㅇ 엔딩 개슬픔 ㄷㄷ.


how do i even play it i just got 6 different files


run the exe...

clearly made for controller. Mouse movement is very hard because the rotation speed is limited.

Birb says Henlo

awww no leaderboard.... Couldnt see if my run destroyed the competition!

it is there but very hard to get to

First Comment!


I was second lol