Going Down in Fishstory - post-Jam-version

Hey everyone!

We finally managed to get around to publish this new & updated version of our Ludum Dare adventure game "Going Down in Fishstory"
After the Jam concluded, we spent quite a bit of time to fix and improve things as well as some additions here and there to make the experience more complete and just better as a whole.

We hope you'll enjoy this new version!

Newgrounds release

The game is also on Newgrounds now! At the moment of writing this, it's still "Under Judgement" so we'd really appreciate some ratings to get it on the new games page sooner. You can play it here:


Here is a list of most of the changes:

  • Enemies now bounce you back when you smash them. This means, it's now quite risky to smash enemies with your back against spikes.
  • Enemies now turn around properly when they face the other direction
  • Added more enemies to some places
  • Added sounds for smashing enemies
  • Big jellyfish now have a custom sound
  • Big jellyfish now have more visible tentacles
  • Added alternative keyboard buttons for trackpad players
  • Improved timing for a few cutscenes - less waiting!
  • Polished some of the VFX for mine explosions and enemy deaths
  • Improved mine explosion sounds
  • Spikes have overhauled visuals to fit in better with the watercolour aesthetic
  • Improved the look of the starting area with some textured gradients
  • You can no longer fly outside of the map in the starting area
  • Changed the level geometry in the corridor towards the big deep sea cave
  • Extended some backgrounds so you can't see the edges anymore
  • The circling fish sing now
  • Added new secret sprite somewhere... Can you find it?


Going_Down_in_Fishstory.zip Play in browser
Jun 24, 2021

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thank you for the keyboard controls! <3

You're welcome! It's requests like yours that made me add it :)