This is a small game made in a few hours for the MUSIC GAME JAM !

It's also my first attempt at making a funny game ;D ! 


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AuthorBlackthornprod Games
Made withUnity
Tags2D, corny, Funny, hilarious, laugh, Music, music-game-jam


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I had to force myself not to smile


Yay I won!

I don't have headphones


I played through it like I was supposed to, completely stone cold, and then played through it again, but this time clicked the button immediately. It seems pretty clear scrolling through the responses that no one else really understood the point, but I got you Noa. A pretty powerful message from such a simple game, thank you

what message?? i did the exact same things as you and all i got is a pocket of lint and dust??

Losing is the point of the game. If you make it through without laughing, then you end up unsatisfied. Even if you lose, you at least get to laugh at it.


the let it go thoXD

I love this! :)


not funny, didn't laugh

good game tho


why is everyone being so mean


whys everyone saying mean stuff :(

i liked the game, it was nice simple and funny


this game is not funny at al


Among all your games Noa , i don't know why i have to choose this one to play :( !!!

This game is pathetic with all respect , don't get me wrong i liked some of your games that i played but this one .. i can't describe how awfull it is :(( !!!!!!!!!


dang chill, can't ppl have some fun??


I'am not a hypocrite i'am just giving my honest opinion !!

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why. Just why. It was made in a few hours and the fact that he pulled off like ten frame-by-frame animations in that time is pog. I don't even understand why you would criticize this.

I apologize if I'm sounding like a toxic 4 yr old in that case my bad.







uhhh what?

I like your games, honestly do. But is this just, like, try not to laugh?


I like your work, but i gotta say...

This is pretty damn bad.



Hahahaha this game is very funny, I tried to hold so hard, but I still laugh in the end.  It's fun and what a great game!

*I wish there will be more games like this, games that will make you laugh often.  Maybe a sequel for this?


im a fan of you. but I got to say...

this game scares me


Deleted 2 years ago

me neither


i need memes to laugh



Nice little game but it's too short and easy. And the jokes get kinda repedetive.

I won the game

I have no soul 


OMG one of my favorite games

Did u make a video on this

nice game i loughing from the first attempt hahaha

Come follow me for more great games and feedback. bring any of your projects by or updates and I would love to play them again.

Oh no. I smiled at the Justin bieber one. I think in the others i could not to relate because i don't know very well the songs.


I could easily see myself smile at this if I hadn't kept my guard up the whole time. Good job for your first funny game. Conceptually was good but consider your timing a little more and your material.


Wow this game is beyond shitty. Its pathetic and unfunny. If you laughed at this i bet you will also laugh at this "pee pee poo poo"


hey made it in three hours man, give him a break


Oh really? It looks like a game that has been made in 2 minutes.

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listen man, be supportive and don't be a dick, gam jams are supposed to be fun and it doesn't matter who wins, they just had to have fun making the game, I understand that you don't like the game, and that's okay. But just don't be a jackass about it. You didn't have to say "This game is beyond shitty" You could've said, "Hey man, I like the idea of the game. But, I don't like the jokes, they need to be memes" (or whatever the hell you laugh at) But don't be a kid about it, you have to learn how to grow up.


Id rather die than support this kind of game. A musical jam isnt supposed to be a slideshow of repeating animations with random songs.


Actually a musical game can be whatever the creator wants



This is why you're single.



This is beautiful

Deleted 3 years ago



Haha, but I didn't laugh. It's not because these are not funny, but I think the humor comes to shine when they are not the main focus, sort of like seasoning. Would love to see these dancing characters featured in your future projects. By the way, have you ever though of making a game universe for your self? Like characters know each other from game to game? Then you also have more stock resources of your characters and probably have a personal bond with them (sounds weird when I say it but I think you get what I mean). Anyhow, it's very impressive to see something like this pulled off from a couple of hours. Really well done!

I laughed at the win screen and the let it go character. I did notice that the pig talking about "this is my brother and this is blabla" didn't actually display them in the game. Also the transition between characters was quite abrupt, especially since you made a video about scene transitions.

Are you going to make a video explaining how you did the animations?