MOVE and JUMP  with arrow keys ! You can TRIPLE JUMP :) !



He Almost Killed Me is a tough 2D platformer in which you control a bouncy character navigating a mysterious world...

This game represents the difficulties I (and other creative people) face when it comes down to making something ! Giving up, doubt, comparison, these are dangers creators battle through in order to bring something to life... 

This game, I almost killed it, I almost gave up on it, this is its story ! 



Hey :) ! I'm Noa Calice, the dev, responsible for all art, code, design and sound effects ! 

I have a YOUTUBE CHANNEL filled with TUTORIALS on making games with Unity and a pack of behind the scenes videos on my own creative journey (game jams making of, devlogs...)

You can FOLLOW me on TWITTER !

And Also JOIN the BLACKTHORNPROD DISCORD SERVER if you want to chat with a cool community of game creators, coders, artists and musicians ! 

The game's EPIC MUSIC was made by Eirik Skarding, for more on that great dude check out his SOUNDCLOUD


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HeAlmostKilledMe Setup (x86).exe 43 MB


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I undeniably questioned my sanity the whole time.......

99.9999% luck I managed to finish it!

im going to now go and cry in a corner

But honestly great game! I love your channel! You are and amazing artist, and a heck of a good teacher. I hope I could have half the talents of you. Can't wait to see wat u do next!!!


Very challenging game with intriguing story and I love how the game sums up the purgatory as "hardships"

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Insanely fun game! It has pretty challenging but fun gameplay and the art and music was awesome too. Also, on the note of the music, each piano piece really matched how calm or intense the gameplay was. 

P.S.: Love your games, Noa, and this was if not one of my favorites. :)  

the first time i played it i beat it without rage quitting

This game is awesome. Thank you for finishing it man, it inspired me I am just a beginner now and I am a bit hardstuck on how my game should go but this short game told me that not only big games have what it takes to be good. Thank you for inspiring me!

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This game is pure insanity at the least. Phew! That was one TOUGH platformer there!

But, on a serious note, I have to give it to you. The controls were nice and easy, and the jump was just floaty enough to control the landing point. Very snappy and fast paced game with great story and amazing visual!

I'm actually surprised at how you didn't ruin the gameplay, because with many games, people tend to get carried away by challenge and even sometimes repetition which can make the game a little boring. But this one was different.

Every level was unique in its own way and followed a pattern so that the player could slowly understand and follow the pattern along with the level too. The story line was certainly unique, and the boss fights weren't ruined by all the various gameplay mechanics that were previously implemented. 

For a free browser game on, this really kicks up the standard. Overall, I have just one word:


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Amazing game! But if you double jump against a wall and then triple jump in the other direction immediately you clip through the wall :P

I keep being teleported to the wrong checkpoint after I die...but otherwise great game and storyline!


this game was amazing, the story was sp good and it felt so real. it is one of the best games i played yet. the art is also amazing the music was very well made aswell. 

This is a great game but it sucks when you fall and hit another checkpoint by mistake

This was the best game i've ever played!

BTP is my fav YT channel!

And I love 2D Platformers

Good Job Noa!


really hRD

(1 edit) (+1)

I saw this game in your 'What I learn by making 30+ games' video on YT and then had to dust off this old itch account to leave you a comment. 

This game, was ... fantastic, challenging, rewarding and wonderfully stylish. The subtle changes to colours and of course, the sound track were so on point.  Once I started jumping, I couldn't stop until I finished the game. 

I know in the scheme of things, I am just another faceless name on the internet however you should know that this is probably my second favourite gaming experience to date. Second only to 'Inside' which I maintain is by the most emotive experience I have had playing games. 

I can't wait to look through your other creations!

Thank you. 

Note: Playtime was roughly 15 minutes for me. 


Loved this!


"He loved platformers!" but hated people!


Some times after death it will teleport me to the beginning of the level, make it frustrating for me to complete him.


Last boss - it's a very hard, but i  could end this.  I think, the complexity of the game grows disproportionately, and last 2 levels very more difficult, then other levels.  I want leave the game any times,  because very hard and we have one way to complete level - jump again, and again, and again....   

This game have peculiar style and intresting tale. I finished this game in two hour, because I'm intresting in the ending of it and can't stoped.

Thank you  for your creation and for intresting expirience. 


WHOOOOOOHOOOOO i finally beat the final boss and finished the game :D. That final fight was super hard though, and i had to use multiple skips. Anyway, good game!

please patch meat boy part

I loved this game! Keep it up!

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I finally finished the game!
It took me a few hours, and a lot of rage, but I finally did it.
It's a really good game and I really appreciate the music in it.
I think it fits very well with the game and the whole concept of the game was really good.
I would love to see more games like this one in the future (but possibly with a little less rage).
the person that did the music is very talanted.
thanks so much for making such a great game.


Finally completed it after one week!!

I loved playing this game. The kind of sad story mixed with the piano music and the high difficulty is just perfect!

This game is incredible, i could feel the tension of the character afraid of being erased and the chagelle was so good.. this game is awesome (sorry for any error on my writting, english is not my native language)

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I really liked the game because its very challenging but i dont really like the starting of the end of the game becuase its just has me randomly having to jump hoping to get lucky and not land on the circle things when i jump other than that its a great game

This is one of the best games I have played, and trust me I have played a lot. To think a single person made this is just mind blowing! I had so much fun playing this game and I got addicted to it! I was going mad trying to complete I had to put it down. Wonderful game!

Great game, but could you PLEASE make the checkpoints actually work? Like I get passed a certain area, I die and I get sent to the beginning and it's so annoying to travel all the way back!

So much fun! Very challenging, but it felt great to finally get the pattern down and be able to get through the level! Great job man!

What a wonderful gem of a game. I adored every moment of it. The difficulty was just right, the music and art were gorgeous, and the controls were responsive. Lovely game, would definitely recommend. It's not often that you find such a beautiful but difficult platformer.


Thanks so much for those kind words :) ! It's really encouraging and appreciated :) !

I think that you get sent back multiple checkpoints because sometimes you get hit multiple times before the game actually reloads. You should change this, but otherwise IS GREAT GAME!!!

i did it!

The game's difficulty is just right for me!

I like it!

Amazing, totaly worth it.

really nice game! But I keep getting sent back checkpoints. Please fix this soon! Again, really great game!


amazing game but it keeps sending me back a few check points then the one im on. could you please fix at some point?. other then that great game


Love the game, is there a reason it kept sending me back more than one checkpoint.

Really good game, the controls are very good and it is very fun and satisfying to play. The story is very beautiful and contains a good message.
Good job!
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