A Snot just lives ONE minute.
Life is Snot was made in under 48 hours for the GMTK game jam by Noa Calice, aka Blackthornprod (art, game design, sounds) and Jonas Tyroller (programming, game design, music)! 
Move with ARROW keys.
Find ALL Snot girls.
Jonas Tyroller GAME DEV youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/JonasTyroller

Blackthornprod GAME DEV youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/blackthornprod


WindowsBuild.zip 43 MB


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wow BTP and JT! big sucess uwu


I COMPLETED IT FINALLY!!! This is such a fun game. Great work Noa and Jonas!


Super hard at the beginning, but eventually the more you play the better you know where the friendly guys are.


True fax right there

I cant play because it says unityplayer.dll not found please help me

for me i cant play it cuz it says deta folder not found

you run the application life is snot.exe not Blackthorn Jonas.exe


I loved it. The colors and the gameplay was excellent. It was challenging enough that I had plenty trouble figuring out what to do but it was still enjoyable. Though I did fail a lot. ...It's snot funny.

Never Mind it works now

Everything is black ????


The camera definitely is too woobly. There is also too much on screen, all the colours and effects are just overwhelming. Furthermore, in some area's the platformers are too close together; making it hard to navigate. I also wasn't able to get into the blue chamber (the age margin were you can jump in is too small, or balancing changes meant that the height should have been decreased).


You can fly into it when you get old enough.

Vicious Wolf, thank you so much for the tip, that helped me complete the game as well!

I know this is a couple months late but, hey, you're welcome.

48 days, to be exact lol


great game ^^

Nice, love this fun game! Music and art are amazing)

This is awesome! The music is amazing and the art is super cool as all other blackthornprod games. Good job!

Awesome graphics as always Noah. The intro in the game was really unique. The controls are kind of hard having T and R close to each other. Think about having a player use a controller also. 


Awesome game. Also, cant wait for Dreadful Whispers!

I'm from the future (but also the past and present...) and can confirm that TDW is amazingly deep and quirky and will forever hold a place in my heart.


Hey noa, cool game. The music was my favorite part, loved how it progressed as you got more mature. 


Great game! And really nice graphics as usual you inspire me! You did great job with Jonas and I liked the snail too haha

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I liked the idea, the graphics  are nice, also the music, but attaching the camera to the player is so annoying and uncontrollable...


VERY well executed!
When you boil the concept to the basics it's almost entirely "a collectathon platformer in which picking up stuff resets your short life timer" which, while quite interesting of an idea, doesn't fit the theme THAT much.

Love this game. Cool concept. I like how the games starts to feel like a puzzle and how you discover new things every run. Great job guys!


Nice :D

nice dani.

very nice.

GREAT GAME!  Really good but i would recomend to make the character slower Love your vids! :)



All of my favorite youtubers made this game!

I love your videos! The graphics are very unique and nice looking. The music is fantastic too, I don't know how you two did this in two days. This is great.

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Just play it in the browser..


Wow!!The game is amazing both conceptually and visually.I have no idea how you guys can make such a detailed game in 2 days.Congrats Jonas and Noa...You guys are the best.

I personally felt the camera was a little loose,but the subtle zoomin and zoomout felt nice .Overall a great addition to the jam.

It would be nice if you guys played my game and gave your feedback.It will be helpful for a beginner like me!

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I really like the game. The art, the animations, and I also liked the camera movement. Making this in just 48 hours is very impressive!

I love this game and also saw that dreadful whispers reference, good job!


Thanks man :) ! Yeah had to put some TDW in there for sure :D

I am getting it when it comes out! I am so hyped :D

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Nice job, Blackthorn and Jonas!

I liked the intro Snot animation


Thanks mate :) 
It was fun to make ^^

Nice job guys !! I love the idea :)


Thanks ! Glad you liked it :)

I loved the game, but the jump height seemed random at times, and at first I didn't know there were bad guys so I just free fell into the arms of a demon ig. lol. the display (web view) was too big for my monitor (1440x900) even when full screened, and I wish the camera was zoomed out a bit. That being said, this was a very impressive accomplishment for only 2 dudes in 48 hours. Congrats to both of you, I had a great time playing it.


Thanks mate :) !
Yeah we didn't have much time/energy to make settings for screen size. But normally the Windows build can be played with a smaller screen. As for the jump hight, it basically changes depending on the Snot's current age. But I understand how that could feel a bit random at first. Still, glad you enjoyed this little game all in all :)

Wow, this is amazing! The world feels so vast and alive. I love all the little details. Really original idea too.


Thanks Bob :) ! It was a lot of fun filling up the world with small details and life. Definitely could have gone on for longer had we more time/energy ;)

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Thanks Leo :) ! 

I like your games, but this game just makes me feel... dizzy, i love the art but i feel like the controls and the camera make this game worse.


I apologize. That is my fault then. Any feedback is welcome. Is the camera moving too much? 

I think it's the problem, i really liked the concept but i think the camera could be better


Man..idk what i can say about this guy...he makes amazing games..he have amazing artstyle.Bro i wish you luck in future with your game dev career and i hope you have great life bro! Keep it up!


Thanks man :) ! We really appreciate that !