Made by:

Blackthornprod (Noa & Liam):
Owen Senior

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RULES: Defend the castle from the hordes of goblins. Collect resources with the villagers. Use magic to burn monsters into a fine smoky crisp. Ignite bombs, build cannons, beat your highscore!

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(41 total ratings)
AuthorsBlackthornprod Games, AIA
TagsFantasy, Magic, Real time strategy


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nice game highscore: 6,76309E+07

Why is wave 1 not starting!!!!!!

you have to collect the blue trees. This will light up your castle's fire therefore starting the first wave!

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Despite the bugs and the frustration of controls over gameplay, like dragging the units and using the blue fire, the game is pretty fun :)

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I wasnt able to get a screan shot but my end score was 8.13199e+07 with 23,509 gold but i did leave so it could have gone longer

This is actually a really fun game. It takes some time, but with a good enough strategy it becomes understandable how to pass wave 5

I found that lighting bombs was very tricky, anyone else have this issue

i couldnt either

i found a great strat, i gave up at round 50
-get lots of gold, defenses and cannons
-place all cannons in the center
-surround the castle and cannons with lots of defenses
-keep getting gold and cannons

i dont like that you sometimes just got to click and at other times got to drag its annoying, the concept of the game is cool but kinda meh with the controls

Its great, but i had a glitch where if i ran out of money nothing spawned, and when gold spawned i couldn't move my villagers to get it

Realy fun !

way too difficult

score: 1960

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skill issue, it's easy; I got 9,000,000


Great Game! I love the hand feature highscore: 258086


highscore 9138883


my score was 1,103,319


I love this game! the pure insanity of it with the loud explosions and the vicious screen shake its a master piece!

awesome! my score was 128798.5 this is a great game!


It's hard to click the things that need to be dragged

For some reason I can't drag the villagers out at the start of the game. Any way to fix this?


Wave 170. Nice


100000 Gold and a very high score.


9 mil wow

Is this world recored

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the game is broken for me :( Wave 1 never starts!

You have to put a group of villagers on a mana tree to get the game to start.

oh thanks! I never knew that


how do i full screen ? i think my was bugged it started with windowed and also cutted

 can anyone helped me


So, I spent all my gold, now I can't move my people around to collect mana, so the game doesn't progress.  Apparently you have to have gold in order to move things!

Yeah I'm having that problem too. Idk if its a bug or a feature.

Had to try to lose cause it was too easy.  high score: 1.090346E+07


watch it

Hard early game, easy but laggy late game, an easy solution is to scale enemies health through waves.

Its a good game, but its pretty easy tbf. 7536278, and I didn't especially try.

also a lil bit repetitive, but still its a good game and awesome collab from 6 ppl.

A bit to easy, had to purposely move all my guys out the way to lose because i was to strong and didn't want to sit there for hours and hours.

Once I Killed myself I had 8.782527E+07 score and if I didn't end it myself it might of never ended, still fun though until you become to strong.


TIP: You can move the cannons closer to the castle

Fun game got a highscore of 9549736 with almost only the warriors they might be a bit op lol

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