Made by:

Blackthornprod (Noa & Liam):
Owen Senior

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RULES: Defend the castle from the hordes of goblins. Collect resources with the villagers. Use magic to burn monsters into a fine smoky crisp. Ignite bombs, build cannons, beat your highscore!

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(31 total ratings)
AuthorsBlackthornprod Games, AIA
TagsFantasy, Magic, Real time strategy


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I love this game! the pure insanity of it with the loud explosions and the vicious screen shake its a master piece!

awesome! my score was 128798.5 this is a great game!

It's hard to click the things that need to be dragged

For some reason I can't drag the villagers out at the start of the game. Any way to fix this?

Wave 170. Nice


100000 Gold and a very high score.


9 mil wow

Is this world recored

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the game is broken for me :( Wave 1 never starts!

You have to put a group of villagers on a mana tree to get the game to start.

oh thanks! I never knew that


how do i full screen ? i think my was bugged it started with windowed and also cutted

 can anyone helped me

So, I spent all my gold, now I can't move my people around to collect mana, so the game doesn't progress.  Apparently you have to have gold in order to move things!

Yeah I'm having that problem too. Idk if its a bug or a feature.

Had to try to lose cause it was too easy.  high score: 1.090346E+07


watch it

Hard early game, easy but laggy late game, an easy solution is to scale enemies health through waves.

Its a good game, but its pretty easy tbf. 7536278, and I didn't especially try.

also a lil bit repetitive, but still its a good game and awesome collab from 6 ppl.

A bit to easy, had to purposely move all my guys out the way to lose because i was to strong and didn't want to sit there for hours and hours.

Once I Killed myself I had 8.782527E+07 score and if I didn't end it myself it might of never ended, still fun though until you become to strong.


TIP: You can move the cannons closer to the castle

Fun game got a highscore of 9549736 with almost only the warriors they might be a bit op lol

Highscore is 2760000

Hint: Defenders are way too strong

My score is 200000

Very fun game! Amazing thing, that it was made in 1 week

Hahahah Nice game! <3

The games really good but it would nice if there was maybe a lot of screenshake or a red vignette when your castle is at low health to alert the player

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Awesome game!
Some things to improve:
- Sometimes objects overlap descriptions
- I would get rid of the scoring system because I have no idea what is getting me points and how many I have except when I loose
- Show how many waves you survived when you loose

Otherwise it is astonishing how good it looks, sounds and feels, especially considering the short amount of time and no communications. It feels like every dev has his own strengths and is filling the game with. Sadly this also meant that the princess was removed. RIP Liam's princess

nice game very hard

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it was way to easy in the end i got to wave 45 and 1.920075E+07 points. the trick is to just place warroirs around the castle and then burn enemies in big groups. ofcourse you have to place some villagers now and then to get the gold up. it is an addicting game which you can play forever. Good job!

its a bit hard
i wish i could move warriors just like i can move the peasants
also selecting right thing should be easier... :)
also i dont get when my mouse is on fire...

its actually really fun


Impressive work! one complaint, it can be hard to interact with units when multiple selections are overlap

I love that its hard to master but easy to learn and because its so hard I always wanna improve my score. Keep it up.


This is fantastic!! I love the chaos that slowly builds, and the music and artwork(as always) are fabulous! This is such a cool concept for a mini experience!