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https://www.speedrun.com/Methuselah WE DID IT BOIIS

Hello developers of Methuselah, I have been doing speed runs on your game, and have as of today, made a ticket to speedrun.com in order to get your game onto their site. Currently my fastest time is a 2:24.03 which you can see in this link: CantroDK - 2:24.03 [Methuselah]

Tbh the hack feature ruined the gameplay for m

Oh man I had to rage quit. Great game!

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This game looks really cool! I saw the video on its creation and am very interested. The only issue is that when I downloaded the game, instead of an install wizard or some instructions, I just got a file named "windows build" I am not sure how to download it from here. If anyone has further instructions that would help a lot. Thank you
(this is also the first game I have gotten on this website so sorry if this is how most games on this work)
(edit after I played the game)
This game is amazing. While being a little short, it has great puzzles, and the levels are great difficulty, along with an intriguing storyline. 
Overall I HIGHLY recommend

its a .zip you extract it then you can run a .exe inside, and not the UnityCrashHandler or whatever

Thank you so much! I wasn't sure exactly what to do, and I didn't want to mess anything up. This helped a lot, thanks again!


Any chance of a linux build? Wine doesn't work (no cursor). No problem if that is not possible - looks like a great game, good job everyone! Enjoyed the video!


Dual Wielded and AIA BEST DUO 🔥🔥


Really like the story and atmosphere, not a fan of the controls. Even tho a lot of my struggles can be explained by me being an idiot. Haha.

Dual Wielded carrying 🔥🔥

I played the hacking minigame - but I have no understanding of how it should work or what I'm looking for. Every time I beat it, it was from luck and me trying it over and over again. But I don't want to keep doing that by the second level.


I guess Fallout is less popular than we thought... basically you click on a word and then it tells you how many letters in that word are in the correct answer.  Kinda like wordle I guess... but fallout did it first.

You and DualWeilded gotta speedrun battle