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This game has great potential and great art! It's featured in my Top 5 of this Week!

Check my video!


challenging enough to be fun. great game


This is great. I love the juice, the little screen shake when you land, and the idea that what would normally kill you actually turns the whole game on its head. The only thing is, a couple of invincibility frames after getting hit and transforming would make the game feel a little better.


Fun game and good difficulty


Nice ;D


it is so fun


Great game the final boss is very hard but it is  very fun

I think you put two blocks here

fun game but the little ball things are way to hard on the end

Awesome and fun game. 


wow, great game and I love the idea... but the boss is so hard.  maybe im doing it wrong, but is the way to beat the boss to destroy the homing monsters while being next to the boss?


Great game! loved your take on the theme


One of these games that you love and hate in one time. In a good way. It was really fun to play it!


Really nice idea, and well made as always.


Every person commenting is a profesional so I will write fuck


good concept, but that ascenssion level was brutal.


Fun game though I would make a few changes,  there should be a height kill so that I don't have to press r when I fall just for the sake of quality of life, you could have made  it dependent on being in the normal state so someone won't die for flying too low. On change to soul state you need invincibility frames especially for the boss it was very annoying to change state then die instantly to something else. The end level triggers were also a bit small, I accidentally flew over one and fell into void I could not see

Really good design and music,platforming was fun, (thought there were issues with the skull sending me flying) and lots of enemies but over all very good game!

Very creative way to respond to the Jam's theme! Amazing and beautiful work as always, Blackthorn!! Congrats!
PS: I've found the difficult pretty balanced with a Game Jam's proposal! It is less about fast movement, and more about finding the idea to pass the level.


Loved it! I Managed to finished it. Really fun game!

Great mechanic, it creates a love hate relationship to the enemie.

3 levle is pretty hard noa cant cross it lol

but Nice Game i love the terrifying feel in your game 

Thanks For sharing this to us! 

is it the one where you have to go up? cause that's the hardest

fun game because it's challenging :D

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Weird Issue : Character couldn't make the second jump.
Possible reasons : Game was lagging/fps issue maybe that is why it couldn't make the second jump.
My laptop is pretty low end.
Edit: Sorry hardware acceleration was off for the chrome.
Turning it on fixed the issue.

i think you just need to try some non-conventional stuff,

ps: you can't jump twice.

Issue was fixed when I turned on hardware acceleration. You didn't see the "edit:" part?


hmm no i missed that. Glad you solved it.

The WebGL player wont load past the Unity Icon for me in Chrome or Edge, any idea why?

you can try using chrome incognito and if it doesn't work i would say you use fire fox.

Firefox works, and seems to work for all other WebGL games with this problem too, at least for me. Thanks!

i killed the boss. now my finger hurts


Really good! Original concept, gameplay was very, very good and the overall style fits the whole game perfectly. Would love to see more different elements in there!


I really liked it ! I would have changed two things on the game would have I think make it easier to playa nd to enjoy. I think the explosion area was a little bit too small making the boss harder because explosion occur too far. I would have also add a mechanic like a key (or something in game but that would require more time) to get back your first appearance instantly. I think that would have open more challenging way to play if wanted without being if the player doesn't want to use it.

Great game :)

I really like it, but the boss fight just kinda loops. Again and again. May just be me though

Might be you indeed ;-) What do you mean with 'loops'? I beat the boss and found no looping.

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Complimenti...bel lavoro

I was able to win the last level through cheating. I just clipped through the floor with my dash and got to the win zone. Good game otherwise!

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That was amazing! It took me a little bit of time to complete the falling craw level but I managed to complete the full game. I love the mechanics and all of the design, sounds and different styles of levels throughout.

Really nice concept.


Yes this game is very nice

I beat it with a keyboard! good job. 

The death mechanic was interesting and allowed for some challenging puzzles, visuals are great as always. Definitely some more puzzle avenues to explore with the design, particularly liked the flight form and the freedom of movement it allowed.


Love it! Very interesting game mecanics!😀


Really cool game!

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