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I really liked it ! I would have changed two things on the game would have I think make it easier to playa nd to enjoy. I think the explosion area was a little bit too small making the boss harder because explosion occur too far. I would have also add a mechanic like a key (or something in game but that would require more time) to get back your first appearance instantly. I think that would have open more challenging way to play if wanted without being if the player doesn't want to use it.

Great game :)

I really like it, but the boss fight just kinda loops. Again and again. May just be me though

Might be you indeed ;-) What do you mean with 'loops'? I beat the boss and found no looping.

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Complimenti...bel lavoro

I was able to win the last level through cheating. I just clipped through the floor with my dash and got to the win zone. Good game otherwise!

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That was amazing! It took me a little bit of time to complete the falling craw level but I managed to complete the full game. I love the mechanics and all of the design, sounds and different styles of levels throughout.

Really nice concept.


Yes this game is very nice

I beat it with a keyboard! good job. 

The death mechanic was interesting and allowed for some challenging puzzles, visuals are great as always. Definitely some more puzzle avenues to explore with the design, particularly liked the flight form and the freedom of movement it allowed.


Love it! Very interesting game mecanics!😀


Really cool game!

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