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Protect the tiny worlds from alien invasion and paint life onto your planets to make progress.

Power sheep-fueled rockets and take down UFOs!

Made by: 

Blackthornprod: https://www.youtube.com/@Blackthornprod/videos 

Jelle Vermandere: https://www.youtube.com/@JelleVermandere/videos 


AIA: https://www.youtube.com/@AIAdev/videos 

Airidas - Moonleaf Studio: https://www.youtube.com/@moonleafstudio2710 

Daitli: https://www.youtube.com/@Daitli/videos 

Games Plus James: https://www.youtube.com/@gamesplusjames/videos


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omg shut up

got to 4740 and things start getting too laggy to even launch funny game though!

it was ok there is a glitch when you got the points menu the ufos stop moving but you can still paint u guys did a decent job on game i sorta enjoyed it untill it became horrible laggy to the point I was waiting 5-10 secs for the thing to unfreeze and I have a good pc :3

Currently quite unbalanced - seems impossible to go past 500 points no matter what upgrades you take or how fast you're advancing

Became very laggy when changing planets, "restart" button after game over doesn't really work, lots of QoL things missing, bad balance and has a huge exploit that you don't lose the ability to brush while the upgrade-pause screen is shown as long as you don't let go of the mouse button

where the linux build


This game made me have to restart my computer. I was alt tabbed out of the game and it made my screen black. I had to hold my power button to restart my computer because it didn't let me do anything.


just marking my territory


its alright

nothing to write home about