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that dashing ability makes me wanna speed run this game ^^

need checkpoint

It's ment to be bruta

Would play a full version of this! 

Loved all those  references to other games

Great art and on-point sound effects as usual. Extremely playful environment when I get feedback for "touching" basically anything (extra kudos for that). On the flip side, I would love to have either some heart containers lying around in some corners or a checkpoint system, because I take damage a lot even with the help of the dash and so basically every run I try to explore a new direction from the first main room. Some more feedback on how long the big brush lasts would be helpful too. Overall, a very interesting interpretation of a game about game dev but the game could be more generous with heart containers. I can't wait to see a good run of the game to witness the ending! Good job Noa!

Lovely art style, nice dash mechanic, I really enjoyed the sounds when you would clash with the environment etc. made it immersive. Great Fun, Great Jam

Love Your Art Style, the game was awesome! The sounds fit the world very well.

Gorgeous art, great world with a variety of areas and enemies, secrets (I think I found most of them) are well telegraphed and interesting, overall great game and experience.

I loved the concept of this game!
The  world was full os secrets, I really enjoyed looking for secrets passages to see what I was going to find!

Now about the temporary brushes, I think it would be awesome if the camera zoomed out when you pick up these power ups. I grew so larger that I barely could see what was in front of me.

This game was very hard, I still couldn't finish it. I accidentaly refreshed the page, so I lost my progress =(
But I love hard games, and this one is really fun! I'll definitly try again later! ^^

And I love your art! Your style is so unique, and it felt nice having so many details while playing, like characters who had some sort of interaction when you get near them and splashes of ink that splashed ink around if you step in them.

I love the little secrets and the open world feel!

It is also very challenging!

I really enjoyed it!

The gameplay felt smooth, the art and sound matched well! The only critique I can give is that the enemy projectiles were hidden by the brush. This made it almost impossible to dodge them at times, since you might have a lot of brushes.

I also participated, but took it in a completely different direction! Good job!

Amazing, really liked the whole atmosphere of the game

Amazing attention to detail, it has a really good feel to it :)

This is awesome, it's hard though, but I like it a lot! I love the fact that you entered your own game jam too, that's awesome!

Wonderful and very fun to play! Your best game yet in my opinion. (I loved the other indie games refernces) 

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