The Game Creation Recipe is my entry for the BTP Game jam :) ! 

Delve into the mind of a game developer... battle bugs, doubts and procrastinators, find powerful paint brushes and stumble upon jaw dropping secrets !!!
Your goal : collect the 6 key ingredients to complete the game creation recipe !



ROTATE YOUR BRUSH to defeat foes using the MOUSE


MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL (unity tutorials, devlogs) :





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GameSetup.exe 22 MB


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this game is harder then game dev lol

Where do you find a cure to procrastination? I've been looking for 2 hours now and I really want to complete the game.

nvm I won!


waffle killer

hollow Knight

green dude dead


Creative Block

im 9 years old sooooooo im bad at spelling

do not click the comproter in the room YOU CAN `t GET OUT             its  a  bug

very hard but fun. it didnt fit my screen though.

Amazing Game that turn the gamedev subject into a entire world.

Well Done!

Love the sound effect how did you make them?

dont use auto clicker or just no

I want to change the characters of this game

Great Game that allows you to explore a great world! The boss characters followed be out of the boss room and started clipping through walls though...

Impressive! It's doubly inspiring as well; the game itself and the story of the game saying "it's hard, but you can do it" (in my interpretation). Well done!



Really great game! very hard though, I have not finished it yet...


The bugs are annoying, frustrating, and I have no idea how to handle them!

An accurate representation of the real thing. Great work!


Good Job Noa! So good game!

hewo i found u

hahahahahah nice


Maybe a little late but its a fantastic game I really enjoy it

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THis GaMe Is A fUcKiNg WaStE aNd A sHiT.


You would know how much effort it takes to make a game like this if you were ever a game dev. It doesn't just get automatically created in a minute


For me that comment looks pretty ironic.


Well this game is good and youre a fucking shut so shut up ya bitc


For me that comment looks pretty ironic.


I think you should maybe go outside and just breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out. It seems that someone so full of hate and naiveness to the torture and suffering one pours into game dev could use some enlightenment. As Gandhi once said, "In order to have acceptance, don't be a dense fucking trash pebble." 


For me that comment looks pretty ironic.

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Ya...I know how it feels...U would understand the frustation , fear and etc problems when u would start game dev 

I know...I'am one


sorry I cannot pay money for it, I would if I could!

you could not pay for it its free but you could pay for it


woooow this game is absoluty  amazing!


woooow this game is absoluty  amazing!


I love this game


Please make the game for mobile too.It is so good that I need to play it when I am out of home too


I think I've found a bug when the large brush powerup makes my character so big that I can't continue, I had to go back so the brush wasn't big anymore. I really liked the game anyway :).


Hey :) ! There's actually a secret passage you can find in the room that lets you pass through even when really big ! I should of made it a bit more clear perhaps, sorry about that ;D !


hey uh the sound won't play and I refuse to play without it, does anyone know what's going on?


Nothing wrong with the game, or it least I don't think... I'v never had any complaint like that so far :( ! Maybe you accidentally had your headphones on mute ? 

Perhaps just try playing on Newgrounds :

That might fix the issue :) ! cheers !


thank you ^^ I'll try that :)


 Am I supposed to be this big?


Very catchy game! I really love your sound effects and graphics. Also the idea with spinning "sword" enemies is awesome. Game is kind of hard and I would probably enjoy linear difficulty scaling more than the freedom to go any way. Maybe having some home teleport after defeating a boss would be nice too. The ending is kind of disappointing because after I "paint" everything I'm not sure if the game ended or if I just missed something. Good job man!

Hi blackthornprod! I downloaded the game, but i'm on 32 bit and my pc said that it couldn't run the game. is it possible to make a 32 bit version? Love your vids btw

How did you create the levels? From your YouTube video, it didn't look you used a tile map. Did you just place collider's for the walls? And are the corridor walls a single large collider or multiple small ones?

Also love the game, its cute, fun, fast and open. I love your art style. 

How did you create the levels? From your YouTube video, it didn't look you used a tile map. Did you just place collider's for the walls? And are the corridor walls a single large collider or multiple small ones?

Also love the game, its cute, fun, fast and open. I love your art style. 


that dashing ability makes me wanna speed run this game ^^

need checkpoint

It's ment to be bruta

Would play a full version of this! 

Loved all those  references to other games

Great art and on-point sound effects as usual. Extremely playful environment when I get feedback for "touching" basically anything (extra kudos for that). On the flip side, I would love to have either some heart containers lying around in some corners or a checkpoint system, because I take damage a lot even with the help of the dash and so basically every run I try to explore a new direction from the first main room. Some more feedback on how long the big brush lasts would be helpful too. Overall, a very interesting interpretation of a game about game dev but the game could be more generous with heart containers. I can't wait to see a good run of the game to witness the ending! Good job Noa!

Lovely art style, nice dash mechanic, I really enjoyed the sounds when you would clash with the environment etc. made it immersive. Great Fun, Great Jam

Love Your Art Style, the game was awesome! The sounds fit the world very well.

Gorgeous art, great world with a variety of areas and enemies, secrets (I think I found most of them) are well telegraphed and interesting, overall great game and experience.

I loved the concept of this game!
The  world was full os secrets, I really enjoyed looking for secrets passages to see what I was going to find!

Now about the temporary brushes, I think it would be awesome if the camera zoomed out when you pick up these power ups. I grew so larger that I barely could see what was in front of me.

This game was very hard, I still couldn't finish it. I accidentaly refreshed the page, so I lost my progress =(
But I love hard games, and this one is really fun! I'll definitly try again later! ^^

And I love your art! Your style is so unique, and it felt nice having so many details while playing, like characters who had some sort of interaction when you get near them and splashes of ink that splashed ink around if you step in them.

I love the little secrets and the open world feel!

It is also very challenging!

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