A short experience made for LUDUM DARE 45.


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human breeding season colorized. 


My favourite quote from this game is


2:31.92 thats my speed run time


I would like to know the moral of this


Ugly crying baby in the mall simulator
10 / 10 would how again


Very fun experience, love how it evolves to chaos!


So weird haha :D



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can you make games that are interesting to play and not something that looks like family freandly creepypasta game with story made in r/iam14butthisisdeep?Make interesting game to play  first and add interesting story next,see first mario almost dosent have any story but it is fun to play,making game for sake of making games is bad

this idea could be made into animation video or webcomic

homestuck was not game but was super popular as webcomic.

not everything has to be game,toby fox created music for homestuck

before that romhack and after undertale music for other games,you dont need to focus on one idea and one format,experiment a litle maybe you are gona found something better...


Unic fail, Mario have a realy great story


i said first mario



I need to read more slowly

bro lay off he's just trying to make some little micro games that dont need a story or anything

they're just supposed to be fun


very haunting experience!

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hateful slut

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the description scared me. 

*gets scare*

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why are you erasing posts of others who criticize your game?


that isnt a thing?


Dude your games and ideas are just getting darker. And what is the story here?


yea only things that he is trying lately is to apear like edgy kid from r/iam14butthisisdeep, he stoped having new ideas and only started to make unoriginal games trying to be deep

How is this deep? And how do u know what he's trying to do?


he said here that he wants to make games that have deeper story...and stuff

Ah ok, but I don't get how screaming monsters eating people is deep.


it isn't thats a point of my comment



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Its a weird game but its good I guess

but it has a good message my rating  7/10


Really well done. I can't believe how much art you did in so little time.  The controls were pretty smooth.


I hunger for more!

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My ears are bleeding




How do you come up with ideas like these? 00


I don't think it's that hard. Random ideas are quite easy to generate and much comes from earlier game that he made.





really great art and sound nice job noah


Really nice, I like the animations and controlls :D




It has really good controlls and would you mind to teach me how to code


he has a yt channel




whoa! Nice game noa