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i enjoyed it

Can't get past level two. Really need to get better at platformers

I can't play in full screen T-T




it doesnt work for me it just has a loading screen :( plz fix


Amazing music/sound effects


Well executed... the drops are really unexpected :D


COOL. I completed it the jump scares were good. Sound effects were awesome. Keep up.




very cool

Amazing game :O

ohh so this is why kids in my neighborhood always just seem to be stabbed or impaled by seemingly nothing!


Amazing. Now I continue viewing the video on youtube. Haha!

I got soft locked at the start bit!

Nice Job on the jump scare sound effect, That really got me... Twice





well i started i screamed from the sound

good game but bad controls


This game well scares me but this is a great game.

i really enjoy this Game


creepy, but fun! :)


The sound effects are so loud compared to the music! It startled me a lot!

it's the best game of the world


doesn't work?

Who was the music made by?


When you're mouse is broken so you try to play with your laptop's track pad...

you're not the only one pal.

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You really aren't the only one

You really REALLY aren't the only one.

You really really REALLY aren't the only one.  

i cant pass the first one help?

You can tap the jump button twice to double jump


It helps to not die

great game btp

game wont load


Takes its time to load, but overall 10/10 from me.

help me is there a full screen

Yes there is :) ! Just take a look at the bottom right corner of the screen ^^

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Great game Noa! Saw the concept in your video and knew I had to check it out. The jump scares actually got me too...

Great concept. Too hard.


This game is so beautifully sad, amazing job!


I enjoyed this game.
idea is really enjoyable.



Great game with a really cool idea, I love the artwork and the music. I thought that the sound effects were a little too loud compared to the music, and some of the levels were very frusturating, but it is still a very fun game.

fun game, The level design was a, bit frustrating at times and i really think you could have done more with the origional murduer (screen 2) and maybe added a mechanic where he would follow you in inpredicible was, if you weren't keeping him visible. But overall very good concept.

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