This game is my entry for the META GAME JAM !

Go and rescue the princess, that is your goal, your life's purpose...


MOVE and JUMP with the ARROW KEYS !

Hit SPACE to progress in dialog !


You can visit my YOUTUBE channel for a pack of game creation content (Unity tutorials, behind the scenes) :


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Amazing game. It really puts into perspective the whole idea of "destiny" and the possible ramification of trying to fight destiny. Beautifully crafted, wonderfully drawn, a very original concept! The "secret ending" was beautiful as well

Amazing game!!! Where's the second ending?


I actually tried both endings

realllly good game :)

this has to be the most fun I've had playing an indie game. I have never been more energetic and vocal. thank you so much for such an amazing experience.


Amazing game. I enjoyed it a  lot.


Hey don't "fix" this game :D

Really good game! :D


Amazing concept!

I love the way all of the NPCs had different laments and how the breaking of the game fixed them, no matter how strange the breaking was. Truly a Meta game, great job

Very nice, I really liked the story and the design! Good job!


Pretty a simple drama on the theme of fate? 

Those  characters look simple but the animation feels goods.

Really interesting game! liked it a lot!