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What a happy ending hpfjdlwlwmsfadfdsa:)

So heartrending. I didn't want to kill the little ones. But I am glad that I didn't kill the princess. It was cute and I loved it!

SUPer hAppY!!!!

this game was amazing! i loved it so much :] very cute! and scary! i like the thought behind it . 

SUPPER HAPPY??????????????????

amazing and sad gam

They Don't Have Choice? ...We Sure?

great game! thank you so much for making this!!!  <3<3<3

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Super fun! I enjoyed every last piece of uyasgfkuysagfkyuagfkuhavbavygfhaygfahfu.

Love your vids Noa!


Amazing game. It really puts into perspective the whole idea of "destiny" and the possible ramification of trying to fight destiny. Beautifully crafted, wonderfully drawn, a very original concept! The "secret ending" was beautiful as well

Amazing game!!! Where's the second ending?


I actually tried both endings

realllly good game :)

this has to be the most fun I've had playing an indie game. I have never been more energetic and vocal. thank you so much for such an amazing experience.


Amazing game. I enjoyed it a  lot.


Hey don't "fix" this game :D

Really good game! :D


Amazing concept!

I love the way all of the NPCs had different laments and how the breaking of the game fixed them, no matter how strange the breaking was. Truly a Meta game, great job

Very nice, I really liked the story and the design! Good job!


Pretty a simple drama on the theme of fate? 

Those  characters look simple but the animation feels goods.

Really interesting game! liked it a lot!