This is a tiny game I made for a Youtube video (the goal being to make a game in a 64*64 pixels sized screen) ! 


The Rules : listen and watch the random sequence of notes being played, and then repeat that yourself ! See how many notes you can memorize (my record is 7).


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make it full screen



Its like tiny Simon lol

one attept 8 notes

One attempt. 9 notes.

it hurt my butt and i squezzed it

i got 9


Heyyyyyy that's pretty goood

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Really so tiny game!!!.enjoyed it. i got 7 also.


Nice game ! But i have found a bug.Ii can reproduce the sequence just by following the sequence when it is playing , so i don't even have to memorize

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Nice game, Blackthornprod!

got 8

i got 7 too

can you show us how to make this awesom game please!

Very nice, makes me want to try creating a 64x64 game

nice game!

this was good game.

i like it.

Nice game even though it's so small.
I like it.

Good little distraction.
Surprisingly gets a little tense later on, as the error sound feels slightly more like a jumpscare.


Good game, even though trying to fullscreen it is harder than the game itself