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Shoot at juicy mobs to collect blood!

Cast spells and fight the Titan!

Build a fortress to defend yourself!

Made By:

Noa & Liam from Blackthornprod

Lana Lux



Mike Geig

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
AuthorBlackthornprod Games
GenreAction, Survival
Tags3D, City Builder, Crafting


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first round i got 2:46,44

nice game

u can use trees instead of walls and they are free, no rescources required

You can use a building without placing it

Angas lods goofy ahh

Such a fun idea. Strategy, wackiness, and physics all in one. Good job guys!


A very good game for just 24h and no communication with one and another.
I love it!


sus among us catnip good game.

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got bored and made a video of my progression speedrunning this game. PB so far is 1:45:08
props to the people who were able to get sub 1:45 runs cause I wasn't able to in like 7 hours of runs lol

and if anyone can beat my 0.79 sec void run please post

use whatever means you want to verify that you were out of the playable area :)

This game is pretty good, to be honest.
In the future, there should be a graphical overhaul and dash rework.
I find the core gameplay of quickly building something and defending it, while killing a titan in the process.


how do I deconstruct

u cant

Deleted post

 I just found a very weird glitch where if I set my mouse to double click with every click and then mine stuff like gold, I sometimes get 20 gold instead of 10 with each mine and get up to 100 gold with each gold ore. But its not that consistent and I don’t know what triggers it. I’m a game dev, so I could using the files they gave us, to look at what’s triggering it and in general how the game works.

(BTW, I dont like ads, but my game has like 2 downloads, me and my dad, so please click on my profile and download grapple man)

I just found such an op strat. Trees are OP and I got 1:44:32

Can you get a recording? OBS is free

I will try to. But since the game throws you in immediately, I will start the recording in the folder to open the game. (I put all the game files in a folder called titan smasher and that’s how I start the game)

New video proof WR 1:45:01


Respawn world until you get 5 (minimum) gold on spawn, there will always be 4 on the right side.

Only mine stone if its on a possible gold spawn.

Dont rush to the first 3 gold ores at spawn.

Dont place meat grinder, just copy my technique, aim for spawn buildings and hoard.

Spawn E filling towers until you see blood count start going down.

Repeat until you get good rng

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I got faster. I forgot to record, but I got 1:44:86

anybody get faster? think this is new WR. If anybody wants starts for the game. You have to respawn world until you get 2 additional gold sources at the start. Collect the gold that randomly spawns first. Only mine the 3 gold by post when you are in between ores appearing. You will gather stone, don't worry. Gold can spawn until rock and also there is a small gold ore spawn right under the starting place of game, only partially visible so keep a close eye.

In this run ended up with 1000 gold before 10seconds left, used grinder glitch (drag through hoard of enemies quickly, forwards and back is more consistent). Place grinder anywhere and then get your towers down at titans spawn, have them filled before 0 seconds if you can.

Can consistently get sub 1.46 with good rng but this time is over a second ahead of my closest. Have screenshots of every pb can add them if anybody wants.


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In true speed run fashion we will need to see a full video to claim WR at least my opinion currently My WR is listed on YOUTUBE WITH other runs. These can be validated much easier than a picture.

hey got a new WR, check comment above. still not under 1:45 but getting close

place 1 grinder next to each enemy spawn at a slight tilt. all enemies are ground up as soon as they spawn giving you infinite blood. 

you can also surround the titan with walls fairly easily.

You dont need infinite blood unless your just playing to play but if your trying to speedrun many more ways this could be done to save time and recourses

You can see I left 2 rocks alone that were right next to each other as spawns dont come back and you will get enough rock waiting for gold. It seems to also give more consistent runs with gold but this. My friend got sub 1:45 but sadly was not recording at the time

New WR 1:45:04
don't have recording software but think I just got new WR? had over 1000 gold going into last 12 seconds and used grinder trick to get blood by dragging quickly over large enemy group, ended up with 900 gold to make bloods towers

need official recording my friend. Try OBS its free

completely agree will record attempts from now, curious if anybody else has gotten a sub 1:45 apart from your friend mentioned below

So far I have not found anything related to anything beating my time anywhere online so far and has video to prove it so far anyway I'm sure someone will soon though just give it time

I hope you get another god run that would be interesting to see the rng

Best I could get 

u can get over 5000 blood before the boss comes

i learned how to "grinder hop"

gives a ton of blood QUICK

148706 blood rn

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So to all of the people who are trying to get some good times and to advance these runs, I have tried to gather all my knowledge.

Otherwise making a page and a discord to more easily share runs and thoughts on the game, would expedite everything positively. For now I recommend we use Blackthornprod discord server ( and If there's a possibility to adapt/create a few rooms on the server for the use of speedrunning the game. :) 

This was @timyoki guide, all of it is great advise.

"1) Tower placement -- stack towers on top of each other

2) Repeatedly tap 'E' to refill towers -- Before towers shoot just spam 'E'. Not sure if this is faster but I prefer it more than holding E.

3) Position when filling up towers -- you have to be closer to the collection area.

4) Not fully charging towers -- I noticed its somewhat slower if its fully charged as compared to filling it up when it spawns so it shoots faster."

To fill in a bit in his guide

1) / 3) is definitely 100% true to what you have to do, in @HipsterSavage message he posted a map of where you need to somewhat place the towers spawn location so on and so on.

2) I have personally tried the spam e with a macro, and its not faster, this is to say that the speed you resupply the towers with blood is only counted from the shot to the first E press to refill.

4) I think this is somewhat wrong, by what I have noticed there is different shot patterns of when the towers shoot, that's why I have matched the time (1:45,06) @timyoki set precisely, this means that if you get the fastest shot pattern on most towers first rotation and then get a few fast pattern second rotation on the same towers that got fast pattern first rotation, it's the way to get the WR. 

5) Another tip is when you need to gather the blood, shoot under the biggest group and move around the shredder to get the blood you don't need to actively place it down before getting any blood out, then placing it out of the way when you have gotten the 90*6 (540) blood you need.

Otherwise a way to obtain 6 tower and shredder or a way to obtain blood without the shredder will make the time faster. A way to spawn in the Titan faster, or spawn in more enemies. 

We also need to understand the gold / enemy spawning rate, what influence these and how to manipulate them. And the spawn rate of the first few gold-ores when you start the game. Also if we can find any relevant bugs/exploits in mining or shooting enemies for more than 5 blood/ 10 gold.

We also need to figure out if the in-game timer is reliable, or if we need to implement a split timer to validate runs. To further on this, if the screenshots is enough validation to verify runs or if the run in entirety needs to be sent in video form.


PB/Tied WR - 1:45,06

Okay this is going to be my final time for today

I know it isn't WR, but closer

Something tells me this is gonna be easy (My 1st try)

I got 1:51.73 does that Im a winner 

1 : 48 . 71 now

2ND TRY 2:31.97

1ST TRY 3:16.68


This one was surprisingly fun. Congrats to all the devs!

Thanks to the speed-running tutorial in the comments I got this score on my second run :D

Really liked the game

Here is my personal best:

i cant even survive enough to finish the boss.... he is just camping at my tower!! bad manner

just get more than one tower

genious!... i thought of that while trying to sleep... but is that most efficient for breaking to top score? :D

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Current record: 1:45.22 by @timyoki


  1. @timyoki - 1:45.22
  2. @HipsterSavage [me!] - 1:45,31
  3. @CodeMassi - 1:58.01
  4. @Swayam2004 - 2:24.18

How to speedrun:

Map --

Green dot: your spawn

Red dot: Enemy spawnpoints

Red circle dot: Titan spawnpoint

Green X: Titan spawnplace

Orange dots: gold ore only

Black dots: stone ore only

Every other ore spawn spawns gold & stone at the same location

Requirements --

You need to gather enough gold (850) and stone (250) to buy 4-5 towers and one Meat Mixer. You need to be able to buy them > 8 seconds before Titan spawn.

(Buying 5 towers requires 1000 gold which hasn't been done yet.)

Phase 1 --

There are always minimum 4 gold sources in front of your vision. You need to spam R (restart) till you see 5 / 6.

All possible additional gold locations (photoshoped) 

Then proceed to mine all the gold you see before the Titan spawns. If you don't see any gold - mine stone. Do not mine stone which doesn't have gold (look at the map). Do not kill enemies. Holding your mouse instead of clicking will prevent spell attack.

Phase 2 --

By the 20-30 second left place the Mixer closest to enemy group and convert all enemies to blood, try to get above 900 blood.

You need to have 600 gold available before Titan spawns. If you want to place 5 towers, you need to have 750. If you don't have enough, press R to restart.

Phase 3 --

10-8 seconds before giant spawn run to his spawnpoint (look at the map) and set 4-5 Towers around his spawnplace.

Exact Titan spawnplace 

Put them as close to his spawnplace as you can, making sure that projectile travel will be the shortest. 

Proposed way to place your Towers 

Stand near Towers and hold E to refill all of them before Titan spawns. Release E and hold again everytime you hear a shooting sound (or every x*91 used Blood) (It's possible to afford 5 blood towers but it requires much more blood)

Reset conditions --

If you won't acquire these conditions before given time I advise to acknowledge the run as lost and press R (reset):

  • 80 seconds before spawn: min. 300 gold
  • 50 seconds before spawn: min. 500 gold
  • 10 seconds before spawn: min. 600 gold and above 800 blood

Additional info --

  • Titan spawns at 1:39
  • Tower needs 3s to load blood
  • Giant dies after 6 Tower hits
  • You can shoot flying enemies to change their trajectory
  • There's some weird mechanic that makes towers shoot at different times instead of synchronizing - still investigating

Good luck!

Try to get to the Top-10!

My first initial best before making this tutorial was 1:58,87!


1:58.01. Got a perfect 6/6 gold spawn. Thanks for the Speedrun Tutorial, really helped :D

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You madman! haha!

Didn't think anyone will try to beat it!

So I see the battle has begun!

I improved some tactics above and got better!

My newest score is 1:56,31

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EDIT: This is an old PB
Got a 1:45.22 with 4 towers :D 

The only way to beat this should be a 5-tower strat (yes its possible) or a good 4-tower placement


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That's mindblowing!

I mentioned you in the "tutorial" :P

Wish me luck on trying to beat your score!


Almost there... I don't get how did you do that bro...

I have everything perfectly set up below his feet, 4 Towers, everything loaded and waiting and hitting immidiately and then I click it right after shot and the best I get is 10 miliseconds below you!

I wonder what am I doing wrong :D


Woah! Didn't expect someone to get close that quick. Congrats! Thats really hard to beat :D

Not sure if towers have RNG? Had a 5-tower finish 1:50 while a 3-tower finish 1:46. Also wish the grinder could be skipped, its too expensive...