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Grow Plants

Protect your garden with magical water.

Manage a massive garden & defeat the fiery nightmares.

Will you be powerful enough to destroy the final boss?

Created By:


Rugbug Redfern


Gerard Belenguer


Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorBlackthornprod Games
GenreSurvival, Simulation
Tags2D, Gardening, Tower Defense


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WindowsVersion 42 MB


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I love your videos! Can you make a webgl version pls. Tysm (:

got the victory. first i killed 1 or 2 enemies that came towards me at the start and planeted gold trees. i did this, until i stopped planting any trees and focused on killing the monsters, hen when i got a lot of seeds, i planted a lot of gold trees, first time i gained a lot of gold and also killed a lot more monsters and then i got a little far and then i made my base there. i almost planted 50 gold trees, and place sprinklers all around them, killing monsters while gaining money, then i waited there for 1-2 mins, killing monsters and gaining gold, and i repeatedly placed all the dying trees. then just some seconds before the boss, i placed 2 boos tree, and then when boss came i placed more 4 and then got the victory. ez:)

IMPORTANT NOTE:  if you spam too many sprinklers, the UI bugs out and the game crashes.  Just build a small number of sprinklers at the beginning (6-10) and after that focus on the "boss killer" plants and the game actually works fine and is very fun, if quite easy.  My best score so far is 196,365.

Unfortunately the game application wouldn't even open for me :(

I played for two times and the second time I had a really good run, and almost made it to boss but then game started to glitch and it eventually crashed.

whats with the items area crashing the game?

It is too difficult. I would like to have an “easy” mode for me :)

why wont it let me play?


why the hell am i seeing so many "I can't play, might as well blame it on the UI" comments

i played the game just fine and nothing happened

get a better pc

stop blaming the ui

ur mum gae


you idiot

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cool game that was made in a couple of hours from a group of people who didn't communicate but way too easy and if you get too many score plants it breaks super bad to the point where it literally explodes but it was pretty funny watching the bar do a flip off the screen and all the counters get bigger and blow up so that was fun 

facts XD


I Like the Concept but i think the "Endboss" destroyed everything!

bruh why is everyone complaining about updates

its quite obvious in the video that they wont be updating it because of the theme

if one of the developers has to update it, so do the other four.

stop complaining


how can we stop complaining when the game has a MAJOR GAMEBREAKING BUG that renders the game nigh-unplayable?

They don't HAVE to change any features in the game, they could just release updates to fix major bugs.


lol "Name your price" for an unfinished game.

It's fun to play but only polished for the first few seconds.

Once you build a few plants the UI goes crazy and crashes the game.

Everyone who payed something should get a refund.

Don't add a "name your price" function if your game is not ready to be played for longer than a commmercial break on the TV.


it was finished.

CLEARLY, you didn't watch the video on how it was made.

next time, learn how a game is created before you say it's "unfinished"

Zip up their pants when you're done


also, you know you dont have to pay, right?

how did you add the gifs to this page? i cant figure it out


looks like it would be great but the UI is broken and makes it unplayable. Not only that, as soon as the first enemies come, the game literally freezes and crashes.I love the youtube series tho and the game looks fun!

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The bug always seems to happen when there are too many sprinklers, it's like an anti-sprinkler-spam bug.

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Web doesn't work, but great game

I start the game and it immediately crashes...


This game is actually really close to being perfect, but:

  • UI absolutely breaks when things get crazy. My game actually crashed 
  • Hovering over every coin becomes unmanageable with a lot of plants. Add a hopper plant or permanent coin-pickup ability
  • Coins/Seeds/XP mechanics should be explained in the beginning. 
  • Boss Slayer plant should be locked behind a certain level and maybe require a mix of coins AND seeds? Being able to "unlock" a new plant would feel very exciting and rewarding

Great game. I wish it was playable... The UI freaks out


The ui covers my screen, ruins the gam


Imagine not clicking one button more to export to Linux (or Mac)


yeah not everyone uses windows and it's super easy and fast to export in Unity


after awhile the ui freaks out and crashes the game ):

can't get to boss



It's a great game, however, before I could face the boss, the plant selection UI started scaling up and ended up covering all the screen... 


for me it happens as soon as I start the game


one cannot play on web

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A pretty nice game. Plus, the art is beautiful!