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there's only 2 levels that are hard because of the camera, is not that bad (level 5 and 10)

liked your game

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I was banned from your discord for telling a mod, "I was asking the other guy". He banned me without even messaging me or anything.

My discord is Lite#4211

In general, a really good game. I love the care put into the animations, SFX, the difficulty curve, and many other aspects of the game. 

However, I still have a few complaints. Firstly, as everyone has already said, the camera isn't always in the position you want it to be. For this specific game, I'd recommend using cinemachine camera, and freezing it in the sections where the challenge pops up. For instance, in the second experiment, I'd freeze the camera next to the block, and once the player has picked up the block, the camera unfreezes. I would do something similar with the spike pit.

Secondly, the 1 x 1 blocks feel a bit finicky, because they rotate seemingly unpredictably, and then getting the blob over spike pits, or anything in general just feels like RNG. To solve this, I'd recommend removing the feature of rotating the blocks.

Thirdly, the music gets really repetitive after a while. Maybe try using different songs for each experiment, or create a list of songs which randomly play once a different song is finished playing.

Finally, the placement of some of the blocks in some places is very inconvenient at times. For instance, on the third experiment, the rotating wheel is sometimes too far from where the blob is sometimes placed. This should be able to be solved by making the curve of the dirt more like how the rotating wheel rotates by putting it closer to the wheel.

Overall, good, short, and mostly relaxing experience based game with a few flaws here and there.

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its garbage

camera X

easy? X

developers are annoying AAA

oh yeah and its in windowed mode


better than any trash you ever made


ok, you can hate a game, but call the developers annoying without even meeting then is so wrong

I absolutely love this game, the charm is amazing (I love the Slurpies and their dopey friends), the gameplay is challenging but hilarious, and overall it feels very polished. The art is very whimsical and put together. Sound effects are fitting and adorable, is it bad I like the death noise...? I had no issues with the camera, I think it perfectly adapted to the player. Also the music is very good, it matches the overall style of the game. Also this game is brimming with humor. Once I figured out the first level, the rest of the game came pretty naturally and intuitively. Good work to both developers! 

+1 YouTube sub. You've earned it :)


the fact the camera is automatic screws all control over platforms


Great game has a World Of Goo feeling. C'mon tho Jonas that CAMERA


it's a great game but the camera sometimes messes with your cursur making the objects go crazy

Omg i was toughing the corona virus in this game the hole time !! 

P.S: The sounds are soooo satisfying

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loved the game but the camera was a bit slow



do not hate the game if it's only frustrating for a small percentage of the player.

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I loved how much care you put into this game! How the character animations and sound effects react to the environment really makes this world feel alive! The wooden bar is a brilliant mechanic for a physics game like this and I don't know what better alternative there could even be. The difficulty curve felt just right and the levels supplement each other and teach players new skills they'd use later on. Overall, this game is golden! 

A major change I'd propose though: The smooth camera scrolling should follow the player's mouse instead of the blob (similar to an RTS interface). The current scroll method presents the following issues: 

1. Trying to control / switch between multiple elements of the world is really difficult, given that all elements are constantly moving (even just holding onto a single bar and rotating it in a desired direction feels quite awkward at times due to the camera scrolling happening)

2. It is very easy for crucial level elements to get outside of the player's field of view (Think how this is gonna work if you port the game to other platforms and have to deal with inconsistency with screen widths!). Sometimes a bar becomes inaccessible if I left it in a vertical position but then the blob rolled away. Sometimes it's just the blob is rising / falling too fast, so much so that it goes off-screen (might be tricky to get the scroll smoothing right) and the player cannot reach any interactible elements near it. 

3. If you intend for this game to be puzzle focused, it could be a flaw that the player is not immediately aware of all the level layout or even where their goal is. I got surprised quite a few times by a spike that suddenly came up or a new bar I didn't know existed. But again, you're the designer here, and you know what's best for your game. Maybe a sense of exploration into the unknown is what you're aiming for, in which case, just keep the scrolling the way it is and let the camera roll faster, so the player would have enough time to react to something that just showed up. 

4. Again, if you wanted for this game to be more puzzle-focused, the player should be able to pre-adjust level elements so they don't have to micro manage later on (similar to "Wonderfully Juicy" from earlier). I can see my proposal of mouse-based scrolling as problematic though, because after level 7, the player's range of control had to be limited for those level designs to work. 

Anyhow, this comment got way too long - sorry about that. This game has a lot of potential of becoming a rage game though. Consider that approach lol. I was also expecting a dark twist in the end for some reason, haha. Nature is cruel. 

Love all your works! Take care! 

I can't play any if your games because they all say something  about:

An embedded page at says
An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of null

Hey BTP your tutorials are very useful. Thanks!

You play the game with the mouse but you need to press r to restart.
After death 50 that becomes annoying.


The zoom level of the camera makes it a little difficult to see level hazards/obstacles sometimes, especially in lvl9, also, as the camera follows the blob, sometimes the platforms you need to move go out of camera view. Maybe zoom level would help with too, but other than that its a great game, cute art, nice sound effects, cool animations and considering its the product of a game jam, it's very well polished. Great job guys ^^

Great job.  Nice short game.  I liked it.


This game is absolutely amazing! The graphics, music, sounds, game play, all made me feel enlightened. Thank you.

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I loved it :) You just need to be patient with it you guys haha Very enjoyable, and great vibes! Level progression was nice. My heart melted a little when I saw him join the rest of him family, so cute!! Great work you two :D 

Tbh the camera ruined the whole experience for me... The movement skrewed up all the controlls and it was always either too slow or too fast for what I was trying to do


Yeah. We screwed up the camera unfortunately. Thanks for the honest feedback. We appreciate it. :D

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 The cam sucks can if the player jumps high i can't grab the platforms and sometimes the player keeps going up the platforms by him self

Some constructive criticism:

- When you hold the R key, it constantly restarts the game. I would instead restart it on a single key press instead of every frame the key is being held.

- Would be nice if the Camera speed increased quite a bit once it's father away from the character. There are cases where the camera was too far away from my character and I wasn't able to save him. If you want to keep the current camera movement, one way you can do it is by making the camera speed increase exponentially after a specific distance.

- I would recommend ticking off the full screen button on Itch since Unity WebGL build already has it's own full screen button.

- I would make the WebGL game window smaller since on smaller computer screens (like my laptop) it goes a bit outside it's edges. I usually just go for half of my computer's resolution (960x540) and if someone wants to have the game to take the whole screen, there's always the full screen button.

Overall, good job! It's a very juicy game.

I stucked for 15min at level 3 at the wheele :(


me to

same =/

Amazing game, love the simple yet fun and vibrant art style

completed in one hour 

not for frustated players 

experiment-7 and exp-9 are difficult

very nice idea 


Oh, nooo. Lol. :D

This feels amazing.

Hey Blackthornprod, I'm a huge fan of your videos. Right now im watching your dialogue system video to put in my game. It would mean a lot if you could try my games at


Good game.The only problem it has are the controls.You might need to drag a pltaform but SIKE,the player is way too far,so you can't click on the platform,and so he falls to his death,without even giving a chance to click on the platform.I'd suggest making it a big,still screen without camera movement,or make the camera be focused more on platforms,and showing where character is with a bubble,or something

Great game! I love the funny physics and the Awesome art. but I think the game is to hard and was stuck on level 2 for a long time . But otherwise It's perfect!

Really fun game! Great sound effects! My brother and I ( 7 and 20 yrs ) had a blast playing it. We didn't quite finish to the end but we got to level 7. The "Squee" sound is awesome as others have mentioned! I really enjoyed the "world manipulation mechanic".. very polished, easy to use, and predictable!



Awesome game! I wish the camera was a bit snappier but otherwise it felt great to move the slurpy around.

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I'm really loving this game, tho i would have made the camera a bit more distant, because it makes handling the various gizmos a lot more difficult ,especially because the angle of the variuos things depend on the positon of the pointer, which makes thing really go crazy when the object moves out of view.

I completed Your Game 5 time good work noa 


when the slurpy went "squee" i felt that

This game is terrific, I would happily play this again. The levels were increasing in difficultly but still possible. Was polished and had a good length. I think you should make a sequel or make more levels because I loved it.

S O S AT I S F Y I N G !


its not expected from u guys


the camera is just a piece of garbage


very irresponsive

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