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porque si XD


te gustan?


Earth really said :D and then .;;'.D;>:.;.'



i can't download the game


Go industrial or go home.

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Like aww this is cute  to 



I can find you…

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i can....

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I will be your new soccer ball……


I get it


It is a bit disturbing but people really need to try this game and learn something


Yes, but it doesn't change anything because nobody wants to end all technology just to save the planet. Your comment is literally killing the planet, but still you comment, you want to help, you can't.


I get that playing this and ask people to play this game maybe is not helping at all but I think it's kinda rude when you say that my comment is killing the planet (unless the planet in this game).

Some games are developed to give awareness to people so I don't get the point of "it doesn't change anything" when I believe there's still some people who still trying to make the change like the creator of this game.


Oh I did not want to offend. I apologize. What I mean is that to store your comment on the net you have to contaminate and that kills the planet again. I apologize.


Ironically enough as we get more technologically advanced, our machines become more efficient and cause less harm to the environment. 


I'm really scared

Deleted post



great game! just a little creepy at the end... 


whoever drew the planet's faces has a massive talent for drawing grotesque images. jesus christ lol i had to stop playing when it started showing veins


I feel disturbed


I feel like a jerk for finding this funny


heavy handed 


This is a great reprizentation of what would happen if we didnt take care of our planet I love the message! <3


Tears rolling down my ears when I heard the earth screaming and weeping due to all the rich and population in and around it...


Tears roll down your ears?

haha, it's funny put i think he/she meant eyes, i have no idea how you right that wrong or even close to ears but o

such a good game


Wtf was your mode when you made this game man

this laugh in the background xD


really blackthornprod you inspire me to make games. I love your creation and artwork.Anybody by looking on the game says they are boring but they are amazing


this game made me feel like a horrible person good job we all need to understand that this is hapening


This is Efficient i guess


i got high score


My high score is ???, what's yours?


Love this game huge fan


Impressive! It's interesting the the people walking do not change expressions!


Nice Game




The sounds the planet makes are just... disturbing. I guess that's the point. I was actually kinda happy to put it out of its misery. 


idk why but i felt so bad for the planet


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i love how you can go back and fix the most of the damage you cause by replacing bigger buildings with windmills, yet its never gong to be quite the same as it once was. we can slow things down right now, but with all the damage we cause to the earth it will never be the same again, and we need to keep it as good as we can get it


Well said


The ending actually spooped me 


This was deffintly a fun game.  And yes Ive played it more then once I did a Mini Lets play of it this week So Im adding it to this post.  Plus Im so giveing this a good rateing ^^


ngot to th end and it scared me'

I am addicted



I love killing the planet!!!!

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This is a very fun game 

I like the graphics

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