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i got high score


My high score is ???, what's yours?


Love this game huge fan


Impressive! It's interesting the the people walking do not change expressions!


Nice Game




The sounds the planet makes are just... disturbing. I guess that's the point. I was actually kinda happy to put it out of its misery. 


idk why but i felt so bad for the planet


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i love how you can go back and fix the most of the damage you cause by replacing bigger buildings with windmills, yet its never gong to be quite the same as it once was. we can slow things down right now, but with all the damage we cause to the earth it will never be the same again, and we need to keep it as good as we can get it


Well said


The ending actually spooped me 


This was deffintly a fun game.  And yes Ive played it more then once I did a Mini Lets play of it this week So Im adding it to this post.  Plus Im so giveing this a good rateing ^^


ngot to th end and it scared me'

I am addicted



I love killing the planet!!!!

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This is a very fun game 

I like the graphics



YAY! very good game!

Its more than a game, great work!

this is my worst fear when it comes  to economic concerns.


go green or go home



The final scared my shit out of me.


Simply the truth.


got my mum to play and she got sad the earth was sad and she tried to make is happy again   (╯▽╰ )


this is... interesting


Nice Game LOL

i said its even more polluting while i was playing xD

welcome to 69,420 degree planet (i just place 2 skyscrapper and the planet dies)


It's almost time to kill the planet...


Fuck this game is sooo emotional i cried when seeing how the earth got destroyed.

: ( 10/10

5 skycrapers and all the others spaces with flowers

take thaht capialism


Atleast one Flower got saved :)


Well Now the tortured moans of this little planet are going to haunt my dreams. With that being said. Great game, great message.


soviet union in a nutshell...


the earth doesn't like skycrapper...

is it supposed to leave 2 trees after the earth is dead

I have killed our world!


The plop at the end is a killing jumpscare xD


yes omg scared the piss out of me

I almost peed  myself at that point....

the earth died... to many of the 7500 cost skyscrapers lu

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