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Played through this on my channel! Solid little game. :D

Awesome playthrough :) ! You beat the game so easily ;D (I'm guessing you've played quite a few hardcore platformers)! Cheers :) !

 PS : At the end you could actually jump over on the right and get a tiny bit extra (just some credits) !

Thanks! I've played a few (and also made a couple!); also helps that I can edit out a lot of failure.  :P

This game was intresting to play, because it shows how much effort has to go into the game. I really enjoyed it, even though it was pretty hard.

So much blood, sweat and tears, went into beating this game. Amazing job! /)^3^(\


Hey :) ! I really hope you enjoyed that cheesecake ! Watching you play was such fun (especially the end end ;D when you struggled like crazy beating the "boss levels") ! Keep up these awesome videos !

I did. It tasted a little bit like blood because of the nosebleed I had XD

Of all the games of yours I've played, this one stands out as a personal, thoughtful, and most definitely relatable addition. Super tricky in parts too, but I never felt like giving up as your story get me going forward. Nice work!

Thanks for that encouraging feedback ! I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed the game :) ! I was hoping that other devs and creators would relate to this story and it seems like you did which feels great :) ! Stay tuned and thanks again for taking the time to explore this world and sharing your thoughts about it ! 

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