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First off: I love this game. #1 reason I support you in any way I can. Not only does this game portray its ideas and themes very well, it does it in a non-intrusive way. There are the few glitches as Sakurahan mentioned, and a couple unintended skips, but those are to be expected. 

Also the Blackthornprod art style just the best.

I found this game very challenging the first time I played it, but by playing through it at least 50 times, I have it down to a science now. 

After my first 3 plays, I decided to speedrun it, time starts when you click New Game, and ends when you touch the final orange marker. I know that it defeats the purpose of the game, kinda, but this is one of the most simple, yet enjoyable speedruns I have ever done. My PB is 7:56.17, and I plan on improving that. 

- EDIT: I just got 5:48.65

Thanks so much for the incredibly motivating feedback Wisp :) !! I'm so happy you connected with this game, it's also one of my favorite creations made so far ! My speedrun record is 7:30, a huge well done for the 5:48 ! I believe the ultimate record so far is 5:12 so you're really not far :) !

This game is very interesting the music and art are beautiful but the game is Very hard to beat :) its a challenge but it gets VERY frustrating dying every second lol. I did notice a few glitches while playing thou it. I noticed that when I got a check point and died a few time the game would boot me back to the beginning of that level. sometime it would even happened if it was my first time dying after the checkpoint section. Over all this game was a fun play-through tho I would recommend extending some platforms  and showing the player that its save to jump off screen to a platform. 

I would rate this game at 4/6 

due to the glitch and hard to see enemies. 

Thanks a lot for the in depth feedback :) ! It's really appreciated ! I completely agree with all that you said, this game can be improved in many ways and that glitch where you return to the start of the level is very furstrating (I've never encountered it but many others have). Anyway I've learned loads and will put that new knowledge into practise next time I make a platformer :), thanks again and stay tuned, cheers !

Played through this on my channel! Solid little game. :D

Awesome playthrough :) ! You beat the game so easily ;D (I'm guessing you've played quite a few hardcore platformers)! Cheers :) !

 PS : At the end you could actually jump over on the right and get a tiny bit extra (just some credits) !

Thanks! I've played a few (and also made a couple!); also helps that I can edit out a lot of failure.  :P

This game was intresting to play, because it shows how much effort has to go into the game. I really enjoyed it, even though it was pretty hard.

So much blood, sweat and tears, went into beating this game. Amazing job! /)^3^(\


Hey :) ! I really hope you enjoyed that cheesecake ! Watching you play was such fun (especially the end end ;D when you struggled like crazy beating the "boss levels") ! Keep up these awesome videos !

I did. It tasted a little bit like blood because of the nosebleed I had XD

Of all the games of yours I've played, this one stands out as a personal, thoughtful, and most definitely relatable addition. Super tricky in parts too, but I never felt like giving up as your story get me going forward. Nice work!

Thanks for that encouraging feedback ! I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed the game :) ! I was hoping that other devs and creators would relate to this story and it seems like you did which feels great :) ! Stay tuned and thanks again for taking the time to explore this world and sharing your thoughts about it ! 

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