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Created during a pass the game challenge on the BlackthornProd Youtube Channel. View the Video: Here.

Below are the developers who got the game, in order, beginning with KotieDev and ending with ConstellationCreative.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorBlackthornprod Games
GenreAdventure, Survival
TagsCrafting, Fantasy, Narrative


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Sunseeker 0.10.zip 58 MB

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I can't buy it It keeps giving me an error.

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This game is trash!

And here is why:

Inventory doesnt save.

Its really hard to get resources, and, they just dont save??? What the fu-..

You also cant even put them in chest, cuz, it just doesnt exist.

Resources spawn too rarely.

I stuck in ruined location FOR HOUR because there is resource spawn limit, when there is 5-7 resources spawned, they dont spawn, and you have to mine them, i didnt even complained about it if recources didnt spawn too rarely.

And little portals delays.

It was just to make players angry, its just USELESS. I dont understand why i need to wait just to move between worlds, i didnt even say why i spawn at middle of the map, far away from portals.

Game lag even on good pc.

Yes, i have good PC that runs good games in maximum settings, but this game dont have good graphics or smth, why does it even lag???

Too much bugs, they didnt even fix small ones.

1. You can get off the map by enemies and weird object collisions, and you will lose all items.

2.Enemies just stuck in small places and go trough objects, WHAT?

3. Even fairy is useless, cuz she stuck on snow location when u open it and she doesnt collect anything, evwn enwmies cant go trough that fontain.

If you think that i dont know anything about gamedev/unity at all, youre wrong, i actually make games, and bugs in this game can be easily fixed, why you didnt fixed it in updates? EVEN WHEN ITS MADE BY 7 FRICKING DEVS THERE IS TONS OF BUGS?

I know that it was made just for video, but please, make it playable if u plan making updates...

Its not worth your nerves, just dont download it... please.

dawg why are you taking this game seriously this was literally for a YouTube project with 7 devs making the game and each one had a certain time limit to make the game and they passed it along to each other lmfao you're a sad person 


and if you proclaim to make games how about you try to make a better one tough guy since you think you could do better LOL 


should I also mentions its a free game?


Well, i make free games too, but i was too angry when i was writing that comment cuz i lost all my inventory

how do I open it. I'm on Mac

Windows only unfortunately. Mac is a lot of work since you have to go through a process which involves a Mac, and I don't own one. Sorry about that.


I have completed the game, and it was pretty good, i got the obsidian sword and the banana and here's my points: first the lack of storage and small inventory made the looting worse, and the bow is not worth it with all the needed resources  putting in mind that you have only few items to carry, i wish the resources  had other uses like armor, chest for storage, upgradeing the fairy and special items like the banana, and having the fairy able to either attack or looting for you would be great


This game has such a solid game loop and basic gameplay elements, but as many others have pointed out inventory management makes the game quite frankly unplayable right now.

Since it's a crafting game, we need to be able to be able to store items in the base. Or maybe even a backpack to hold the items. Right now you have to carry ALL of your items, so if you die you're completely reset. And since your hotbar is so small, you constantly have to only pick up a few items and throw away older items. This makes looting feel really bad.


When trying it out I found that the if you close the game to play later, it only saves your door unlock progress, but not what you had in your inventory. If you could store stuff it would also help with resource management.


I suggest adding a chest in the lobby to store only a handful of objects, that would fix some problems. Maybe even a drone/fairy upgrade station for fun?

I also found a bug where if you charge attack and then drop the sword you can no longer attack until you go back to the lobby

For sure. This will be the first thing we do if we continue the project.


I spent two hours grinding. I had the obsidian sword and I was 10 obsidian away from getting enough resources to make the second sun shard. Low and behold while I'm running around on the cloud island a crystal spawns right on top of me and pushes me through the map. I lost everything and every ounce of progress I had made up to that point except the doors. It was a lot of fun up to that point but lowkey that ruined the whole experience for me. 

I'm sorry to hear that! The objects aren't supposed to spawn right on top of players but they don't have any logic to prevent them from growing after they've been placed when a player is on top of them. If there's another bugfix patch, I'll see about putting that in.


i spent 5 hours completing the game.

was it worth it?



Pretty cool. But add a place to store the items


I agree with waaldiigam. On top of that, crafting a second sword while having one already seemed to stop my ability to use it. That and some of my resources didn't come back after the first trip. It was still nice to try though. And I did get it to work on Linux, so that's nice too.


Pretty damn goo ngl :p


Fun game =) enjoyed it, loved the crafting system. Main thing that would help to me is either more inventory space or a storage container in base unless I missed it, but either way good game, I did not finish it on recording due to 3 games 1 video but will be completing it on my own time keep up the amazing work! Your game starts at 9:00 in the video

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I can't get past the first floor at all, as I can't seem to offer the bow that the portal requires even though I have one. Don't know if I'm dumb or if there's a trick to it.

edit: nevermind, just yeet the bow at it with Q


Thanks for that edit I was having the same problem


Quite good, yet it needs a bit more refinement. The lack of audio cues from attacking enemies, coupled with an insufficient 'red' screen indicator, fails to adequately signal when you're close to death. While the equipment system has its merits, it doesn't fully complement the game's mechanics. The requirement to collect various resources without the ability to store them for future use makes item management feel unnecessarily cumbersome.